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As one of the world’s top holiday destinations, Bali, an exotic tropical paradise, is home to magnificent beauty, cultural diversity and culinary delicacy begging to be explored. The Balinese landscape is stacked with mesmerising features – both natural and man-made – artfully crafted to not only appeal, but also captivate and innately satisfy your adventurous curiosity. And while there are multiple ways through which you can explore the vast landscape, there is no better way to discover this outstanding landscape and culture than with a Bali cycling tour.

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A Bali cycling tour offers you a unique experience affording multiple opportunities to explore, interact and enjoy the real Bali lifestyle-and in a totally different way. For anyone with a sense of adventure, Bali offers you the chance to easily arrange a cycling tour, where all equipment is provided and an experienced guide is on hand to help you make the most of what you see and facilitate your interactions.

These fantastically organized tours feature long downhill routes requiring little, if any, vigorous pedal power; let the power of gravity take you on your Bali tour! Cycling tours are inclusive of transport, meals, and refreshments among other luxuries. So what makes these cycling tours exceptional, and why should you indulge? Read on…

First, unlike the typical tourist itinerary, a cycling tour takes a different exploration approach by adopting an ‘off the beaten track’ concept. You get the chance to witness up close and candid the basic lifestyle of Balinese people, their revered rituals and customs together with their exclusive age-old traditions.

Moreover, your cycling tour will follow some of the most spectacular routes within the islands and direct you away from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist areas. Not only do you get the chance to enjoy fresh, cool, countryside air, you also get treated to a terrific uninterrupted view of the vast rural interior landscape of Bali.

Bali’s landscape is full of unspoiled nature. A cycling adventure will also allow you to cruise through, admire, and even get personal with the stunning landscapes, amazing temples, and other numerous features that fortify Bali as a global phenomenon. And even better for you, the wide array of exclusive cycling tracks the tours direct you through, allow you to have an all-inclusive experience of the diverse network of roads and natural spectacles, including such as bamboo forests and dense plantations.

Bali is widely regarded as a family-friendly vacation spot. As such, it is no surprise that most cycling tour routes are flexible and can accommodate all experience levels. This means that you can even do the tour with your entire family, kids included. Furthermore, depending on your preference and request, you can participate in either the easiest or the most challenging route.

Under normal circumstances, your vacation to Bali or any other location of choice is carefully planned to fit within a precise timeline, so it can be difficult to get to see everything that you want to on your trip. A cycling tour enables you to effectively combine multiple activities in a single trip. You can visit numerous sites including bamboo forests, coffee plantations, rice paddies, temples, water palaces, volcanic mountains and much more. Simply put, it is among the most efficient ways to explore the landscape especially if you are pressed for time.

Choosing a cycling tour to see more of the island is also a great way to keep fit on your holiday, so you don’t need to worry too much about enjoying all the fine food available in Bali’s restaurants and cafes. Enjoy the fresh open air and the kill the calories at the same time as exploring Bali.

There are various considerations and essential factors you need to take into account to make any adventure a success and a cycling tour in Bali is no different. For starters, ensure that your bicycle is in perfect condition before heading out. The great news is that with a professionally organized tour, the hard work is done for you – the route is planned, your transport to the start and from the finish is already organized and you can be sure that your bike will be well maintained and mechanically in good order.

Also, protect yourself with gloves, pads, and helmets. This may look like overkill, but the terrain can get challenging at points, and you wouldn’t want an injury to cut your trip short. Having the right protection equipment will ensure you are safe against most biking dangers. If you’re not sure of anything, just ask your guides, who are English Speaking, professional and there to help.

Lastly, while in Bali, remember that you drive, and so that also means cycle, on the left-hand side of the road. Most of the places you’ll be cycling the roads will be quiet, but it’s still important to make sure you pass a car on the right (left) side when you do meet one!

Undoubtedly, there is no better way to create a more memorable and exciting adventurous experience while on the Island of the Gods than cruising through its landscape on two wheels. A cycling tour will help you discover places and experiences that might not be available on other tours – nothing gets you up close and personal to a landscape and its people like a cycling trip.

Cycling tours let you enjoy and absorb the serenity and magnificent beauty of Bali and the Balinese lifestyle first-hand and up-close. Peddling through rugged terrain, freely moving downhill past ancient monuments and structures, while interacting with local Balinese communities all in one comprehensive adventure, that creates a thrillingly immersive experience. It is a brilliant combination of modest exercise and stunning scenery!

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5 out of 5 – One of the best experiences in Ubud

This cycling tour is one of the best things we have done in Bali! You really get to explore the “true Bali” and we were taken along the country side and got to meet some lovely locals and take pictures at some amazing views! The highlight of the trip is definitely the “family” feel of the tour. The guides are very knowledgeable, friendly and made every effort to make us feel comfortable and entertained during the cycle. They invited us into their home and we ended our tour with one of the BEST meals we have had in Bali. If you were to come to Ubud and only have a day to spend, I would highly recommend this tour. It’s off the beaten track and gives you a true feel of the country and it’s kind people. 10/10. – Kristelle P

5 out of 5 – The only way to see the real Bali

No need to search further, this is the best way to see the real Bali. Wayan was an excellent and knowledgeable host, from visiting the coffee and various other fruits plantation to the volcano and then cycling downhill through majestic rice farm villages, which we felt safe on the road throughout the whole journey. One of the highlights was the most delicious Balinese lunch freshly cooked and prepared in Wayan’s family compound which we got up enjoy at their home. We all throughly enjoyed this day – make sure you put it on your ‘to do’ list for Bali – smile4meGoldCoast from gold coast

5 out of 5 – So much more than a bike ride – small group with great guide

The visit to the coffee farm for breakfast on the way was very interesting, we tasted all the coffees/teas they make, saw gardens, civet cats and coffee being roasted. Our guide kept us interested the entire time, he really made our day! It was fantastic to find out about the Balinese way of life and Hindu religion.

We stopped to see the rice paddy terraces, Mt Batur and the lake beside for photo opportunities and the history of the volcano. We got on the bikes riding down through villages stopping to see the rice growing in various stages, harvesting and drying. We saw walls of spider webs, ducks in the paddy fields and a Hindu religious procession.
The absolute best part of the day was lunch in the guide’s home compound, cooked and served by his family. The food was so fresh and tasted fantastic it was impossible not to have seconds!

I went for a ride and sight seeing and ended up finding out about Bali and its people, their religion and had a feast!
Highly recommended. – Palmbeachgal from Southport, Australia

5 out of 5 – OMG AMAZING

What an amazing day! The tour was planned so beautifully that you missed all the crowds that come with the usual tours.

Our guide was an absolute wealth of information about the local infrastructure and anything else you might like to ask.

He was also incredibly funny and a joy to spend the day with.

The bikes are in excellent condition and we were all looked after very well from safety, cycling speed, instruction, water, cold washers after the ride.

The whole day was picturesque and gorgeous I highly recommend this tour it will not disappoint!

Too too it of lunch in the family home was the best food I’ve had the whole time….

This is a must do ….. don’t miss out! – Seth2011 from Melbourne, Australia

5 out of 5 – A brilliant day.

I’d highly recommend this as a great way to see some of the surrounding areas of Ubud. Fantastic guides who know their stuff and speak English. You essentially feel like you’re being adopted into the family for the day! We were picked up at 8am and headed straight to the Tegallalang rice terraces before the crowds. Here we got some good knowledge on the growing and harvesting of the rice. We then went to an organic spice and coffee farm. The place was very well run and we learned a lot about the local food and their ingredients.

Then we headed off cycling! Almost all downhill, the 3 short uphills are fine. Our guide gave us ample warning and made them into playful challenges. We had no problem with traffic and the sights and villages are lovely. We stopped at a Temple to talk about the local culture, families and traditions. Very interesting. We also had a nice water/banana refuelling stop. After a great couple of hours cycling we visited a family home where we were greeted really warmly and learnt about life in a traditional Balinese home. All in all I can’t fault it and would recommend it to anyone. Chris L

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