Bali Safari and Marine Park

A safari is thought to be the ultimate holiday: it is adventurous, exciting, personalized, off the beaten track, and offers something for each participant to take home. Bali Safari and Marine Park allows you to experience that in the middle of your tropical Bali holiday! An experience sure to be loved by all the family, you can see animals from around the world in a park which recreates as closely as possible the animals’ natural habitats.

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There are a number of different options for enjoying the park and learning about the animals and the park’s conservation efforts. It may be by day or it may be by night, but here the animals roam free and the visitors are in a cage on a tram.

The Bali Marine Safari Park is split into different sections, according to animal and habitat type. They include the leopard area, birds area, Ranthambore area (named after a large national park in India, petting zoo area, and the Komodo Island area.

The different birds found in the bird area include the Bali Mynah, Lesser Bird of Paradise, Black-naped Oriole, Asian Gold Weaver and the Yellow-crested Cockatoo. The Bali Mynah species, endemic to the island of Bali, survival is threatened by the pet trade of caged birds. The safari park is actively engaged in the conservation of this bird through breeding and release back into the wild.

The Park is the best place to see the smart and naughty pink-coloured cockatoo or the white mutant variety and the Lesser Bird of Paradise with its ornamental tail. The Black-naped Oriole entertains visitors with its loud-pitched whistle which can turn into a scolding note when alarmed. The male Asian Golden Weaver is endowed with a beautiful golden crown on its head and the species is known for the nests which they build.

The big cats in the Safari and Marine Park are always popular with visitors. There are both the spotted and the black Javan leopards. They are good climbers and live on trees. It is estimated that there are fewer than 250 of these alive. The slim-snout False Gharial is yet another inhabitant of the safari park. It is smaller than the regular Gharial and has a shorter snout. The Green Iguana is a resident of the park and has three eyes, one of them being a parietal eye on top of the head. Unlike the regular eye, this one helps the Iguana to detect predators such as birds that zoom in from the top. They have the ability to cut off their tail when threatened and regrow it later. The wallaby that you can see in the park is a marsupial of Australian origin. Young ones of a wallaby are called joeys and are born blind and furless and as small as a jellybean.

The Ranthambore area of the park houses the white-coloured Bengal tigers. They have over a hundred stripes in the body with patterns unique to each one. The leopard cat is yet another species found here. They are spotted just like leopards and have varied patterns of the dots. They are carnivorous, and unlike many other animals or other cat species, the males help in the rearing of the small ones.

The Petting Zoo area has a number of species that include regular goats that are good climbers and can jump up to 1.5 meters. Guinea pigs are popular with younger visitors and an interesting fact is that they cannot be left out in the open as they do not have the means to sweat. Reticulated pythons can also be seen. They live on the ground and can also swim well in the water. They squeeze the life out of their prey. They can eat animals that twice their size and can remain satiated for weeks or months.

Hamsters, hedgehogs, chickens, guinea fowl, and rabbits can also be seen in the petting area. The Aldabra Giant Tortoise and the Radiated Tortoise are inhabitants here too. They are hardy and can stay without breathing for a long period of time. Their lifespans are much like those of humans. Their legs, shaped like stumps, are made for walking on the ground.

The Komodo Island Area is the home for the more menacing creatures such as the saltwater crocodile and the Komodo Dragon. This giant lizard has saliva that is filled with deadly bacteria and is so poisonous that its bite can fell a horse or water buffalo. They also have poison glands that can cause paralysis and haemorrhaging in the prey. Other animals in this area are the red-eared slider and the Malayan porcupine.

When it comes to the safari, guests travel on a 4-wheel drive jeep. You can opt for a private safari trip as well. Alternately, you can choose to ride on the back of an elephant as part of the Elephant Back Safari. During this time, you also get the chance to interact with other African animals. You can also opt to dine at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant where you can savor the unique experience of being surrounded by wild lions, porcupines, and meerkats while you eat and make merry with your loved ones.

It is entertainment time at sundown in the state-of-the-art theatre in the safari park and you can unwind to spectacular and colorful shows of Bali Agung. It can also be the best time to indulge in family fun at the Water Park and Fun Zone located on the premises.

As a part of Taman Safari in Indonesia, the safari and marine park is also a member of the following organizations: South East Asian Zoo Association (SEAZA), Indonesia Zoological Parks Association (PKBSI), and the CBSG that expands to Conservation Breeding Specialist Group. The safari park is at the forefront of conserving many indigenous animal species that are on the brink of extinction. The park spreads conservation knowledge of endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger and elephant as well as the Bali Mynah through education programs and conservation, survival and release of certain species. There is a daily animal education show to educate people on the conservation aspects of the park’s work.

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Bali Safari and Marine Park Jungle Hopper

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Bali Safari and Marine Park 4 x 4 Safari

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5 out of 5 – Elephant ride and breakfast with lions

At Bali Safari me and my husband enjoyed a wonderful day. We arrived by scooter at 8:20 in the morning in order to have breakfast with lions. The food was amazing and the staff from the restaurant very nice. The rest of the day we went to all the shows included in the package. Evening was well prepared, the animals were very well taken care off and the park was clean and quiet. We had lunch at the same restaurant like in the morning and everything was tasty, the portions large and the price was decent.
In our opinion it is a trip that you should do in Bali. – Alina-Maria M

5 out of 5- An excellent day out for the family.

With the focus on conservation and lots of shows and activities, Bali Safari and Marine Park is the ideal place to spend time. The park also has an amazing water park. See the shows, have some lunch, relax in the waterpark and top it all off with a drive around to see the animals in their habitats. A great day out. – chrisglide from Singapore, Singapore

5 out of 5- Totally Surprised

What can I say but amazing. Was a little bit sceptical with the price and what we were going to see at the start.
Once we started to walk around the zoo I was totally impressed and amazed.
The safari was the highlight as you are so close to the animals while they are in their environment.
We also bought the buffet package on entry so lunch was included.
The staff were lovely and friendly around the whole zoo and the food was delicious at the buffet.
I highly recommend visiting on your next trip as I will definitely be coming back. – fletcherferals
Brisbane, Australia

5 out of 5-Spacious, professional and educational

I had opted for the “Adventure Package” (from 2 PM till 5 PM). A local friend drove me there from Ubud, and, having been a member of the Indonesian army, was allowed entrance for free. I am aware that there are people opposed to zoos and animal parks; I wish they were able to see this (award-winning) one: The animal have ample space and look well-fed, the guide’s explanations are informative (e.g. he mentioned that lions live some 15 years in the wilderness, but 20 in captivity, and there was an educational show at 4 PM. There are more expensive packages, but in my opinion the three-hour long Adventure Package is enough (unless you wish to witness animal feedings or watch a dance show).- BennoAisha from Ciutadella, Spain

5 out of 5-The BEST day out!

Bali Safari was an amazing experience for us. We booked the Elephant Back Ride package which included entry, drinks, photos, elephant ride (obviously!) & unlimited laps in the safari bus around the game area. There is a wonderful orang utan show with the stars of the showing being the beautiful & spirited animals that they are. We have amazing photos with gorgeous Niluh snuggling up to us! We also fed the elephants, had photos 1:1 with the elephants & then did our 30 minute elephant ride (following a bit of a downpour of wet season rain!). This was fantastic. We had the most brilliant day at Bali Safari. We will absolutely go back again next time. It is so very different to other parks where you just look from a distance.

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