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Want to see more of Bali, but not sure how to do it? We have the very best range of Bali tours on the island. Allow our experienced and friendly guides to take you on a personalised Bali tour to experience the best of Bali.

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Bali is well known as one of the world’s top tourist destination, and regularly wins polls attesting to this fact. The fantastic villa and hotel accommodation may make it tempting to lie by the pool sipping on your favorite cocktails all day, but with so much to see and do on this island, you’d be doing yourself a dis-service if you didn’t get out and explore with at least a couple of different Bali tours during your time on the Island of the Gods.

From topnotch diving and surfing activities in the breathtakingly colorful reefs, rafting, outdoor adventures, wildlife encounters, mystique temples, picturesque rice terraces, not to mention inland ATV rides, Bali is indeed a hub for thrill and adventure for anyone looking to have fun and unforgettable experiences.

If you are looking to enjoying your stay on this incredible Indonesian gem of an island, then the best way to do this is enrolling in a Bali tour. Choose from a range of tours – cultural experiences, exploration in nature, theme parks, watersports, the choices are almost endless. To help you choose, here are some of the best options available.

If you want to see some of Bali’s beautiful countryside at its finest as well as take part in an adventure sport, take a white water rafting trip. Designed to help you give you a much-needed adrenaline pump, whitewater rafting in Bali is an experience you won’t forget. In your tour, you will be welcomed and guided by professional and seasoned local guides who will supervise you down the river. Interact with the clear blue waters of several rivers in Bali as you cut through rapids and enjoy the chill of the waters as they spray on your face.

Correspondingly, aside from rafting, you can also take part in various water activities in Bali courtesy of an exclusive water sports tour. You are spoilt for choice with activities ranging from the inflatable Flying Fish, Water Ski, Diving, and Snorkeling; wakeboarding, Banana boats among others. With this tour, you can keep yourself entertained and amused while interacting with the sky clear Bali waters at your delight. Don’t just stay in your hotel room or just basking outside on the sand, get moving and reignite your adventurous self with the numerous water sporting activities.

If water sports aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other adventurous tours across Bali. Try a cycling tour – not only do you benefit from the much-needed adrenaline rush, you also get a rare chance to explore the mainland of Bali, gaining access to some of the most remote yet remarkable sceneries. You get to interact with locals as you ride along quiet country roads, navigate through their wonderfully-maintained rice terraces, and also have a first-hand interaction with the local atmosphere, culture, and livelihood.

According to wildlife experts, the underwater comprises more creatures than is found on the mainland-with many of them undiscovered. Imagine having the opportunity of viewing and interacting with these amazing creatures; interesting, right? Take a sea walker tour and be among the beneficiaries of a firsthand experience of the exhilaration that comes with underwater adventure.

Take pleasure in unique and safe underwater diving activities which offers you a great chance to view the underwater realm. As a participant, you essentially walk on the bottom as opposed to swimming all while you are surrounded by multiple exotic fish species and vast sea life. Talk of memorable!

Nothing comes close to the buzz and exhilaration inspired by an outdoor ATV driving activity along the rugged Balinese landscape. If you are short of options on the best outdoor activities in Bali, this tour will absolutely blow your mind away. Bali Tours and More have partnered with the best ATV quad bike providers on the island. For first-timers, there are numerous instructors to help you navigate this 4WD monster along various areas across Bali including the various Balinese villages, rice paddies, and the jungle, among others breathtaking and inspiring sceneries.

Who said vacations are all about relaxing? What about a bit of education too? Yes, next time you are in Bali, have fun while also grasping some important information by taking a tour of the Zoo Park, Bali. Set on a tropical garden stretching 12 acres, this is the place to be for a real-time fun experience with wildlife. It features multiple exclusive quality habitats such as walk-through aviaries, lion dens, and a petting space for various animals.

It is safe to say that Bali has slowly risen to popularity as a vacation destination courtesy of its trademark sceneries and you wont’ fail to be impressed by its volcanic mountains and tropical rainforests. If you are looking to quench your thirst for nature, a trekking tour is among the most satisfying ways to do so. Be part of an amazing and stunning experience as you trek through the natural vegetation towards the summit of Mount Batur.

Fortunately, you have the guidance of experienced tour guides who not only prep you for the journey but also guide you through the shortest routes through to your destination. While on your course, you can meet the local population and understand their way of life, culture, and traditions and also delight in the stunning views of various backdrops across the stretch. It’s an all-inclusive, adventurous experience.

Finally, imagine spending some time with the world’s largest land creatures, interacting with them and even riding on their backs! With an elephant ride tour in Bali, you have the rare opportunity of enjoying a wonderful ride on the back of anunique exciting viewpoint. In your tour, you get to pass through and experience first-hand the life as lived by the locals in the various Balinese villages, spectacular views of the various rivers as you cross onboard the elephant, and the numerous rice fields.

While this is just but a sample of the various tours and activities you can enroll in while in Bali, it simply goes to show the fun, adventure and amusement Bali has to offer. Whether you are looking to relax, kick-start your adrenaline surge, or even go on an educational adventure, Bali simply has something for everybody and Bali Tours and More are the trusted experts to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

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Adventure Tours in Tropical Paradise

Speed along a deserted beach on an ATV quad bike, go off-road motor biking on the slopes of a volcano or through the jungle, white water rafting on the Ayung River, or scuba diving amongst some of the most diverse marine life anywhere on the planet. Bali is a great place for adventure, and you’ll find the very best adventure tours right here!

Discover Bali’s Amazing Culture

Bali has a rich cultural history, that remains alive and vibrant today, as Hindu religious practices are woven into daily life. Take a cultural tour to discover more about the traditional ways of life on the Island of the Gods as well as seeing more of the beautiful landscape of the island. Visit temples, palaces and artisans at work for an unforgettable day out in Bali.

Great Days Out for all the Family

Bali is a fantastic place for all the family. Get up close and personal with the inhabitants of the Monkey Forest, or tackle the obstacles high in the trees of the Tree Tops Adventure Park. Enjoy a fun filled day on the rides and slides of Waterbom Park – the Number 1 waterpark in Asia. The Marine and Safari Park are also firm family favourites. Book your tours with us for the family holiday of a lifetime.

Bali’s Best Nature Tours

Discover the stunning scenery of Kintamani and Mount Batur and the mesmerising beauty of the terraced rice paddies at Tegallalang. Cycle through rural Bali, getting up close and personal with both the people and the landscape or take a tour to discover the majesty of hidden waterfalls.

Theme Parks for All

Spend the day at Bali Wake Park – Bali’s only cable tow wake boarding park, and also home to Aqua Land – Asia’s largest inflatable floating obstacle course! A day at Waterbom Bali is always a great day out for all the family or combine fun with caring for the animals at the award winning Elephant Safari Park.

Get Wet and Wild in Bali

Hit the waves for the first time and learn to surf, or charter a boat and head off in search of uncrowded waves. Discover the thrill of wind power as you head off kite surfing, enjoy a banana boat ride or speed around Benoa on a Jet Ski. Head underwater on a scuba diving adventure and discover one of the richest and most diverse marine environments on the planet.

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