Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo offers visitors a lush and serene environment where visitors can get a closer look at some of nature’s most fascinating animals. What makes this zoo stand out is the fact that it has more than 400 rare and exotic animals which will all be a wonder to the visitors’ eyes. The zoo provides amazing experiences such as elephant expeditions, and breakfast with the orangutans, as well as being well known for its standards of animal care and commitment to conservation.

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The first three animals that led to the beginning of the zoo were the deer, a cassowary, and an orangutan. It is, therefore, no surprise that the three have been chosen as the three animals that bear the brand identity of the zoo. With time the zoo has now blossomed into a paradise of fantastic wild animals which include the king of the jungle, the African lion, a variety of crocodiles, elephants and many more species of animals. A visit to the zoo is the perfect way to relax as you enjoy being taken through the various attractions.

Among the cat family, at Bali Zoo you can see the African lion and the Bengal tiger. The zoo gives you a rare opportunity to get to learn more about these animals. From their diet, mating, gestational periods and population in the world, there is a lot of beneficial information that can be acquired. This makes the zoo not only relaxing and entertaining but also educational for both children and adults.

There are also fascinating birds that are found in the zoo. The unique sounds of the birds chirping while parrots make mimicking sounds is a pleasant and relaxing experience. The colorful birds such as the Green Peafowl makes the visit even more vibrant. Other birds which are found at the zoo include; the Eclectus parrot, the white peafowl, the rhinoceros hornbill, the helmeted Guinea fowl, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, the Moluccan cockatoo among many other birds belonging to different species.

Other than the Bornean orangutan, there are other monkey species such as the silvery gibbon, the agile gibbon, Javan lutung and the Siamang. Also, there are a variety of crocodiles such as the saltwater crocodile and the false gharial crocodile. If you are yet to know how to identify and distinguish between the two, there is no cause for alarm. By the end of the visit at the zoo, you will be able to tell the difference.

A zoo acquires its title because of its diversity and by how well their attractions give visitors an insight into the various animal species. Bali Zoo is as diverse as it can get. Other than the animals which have been already been mentioned, other animal attractions include different types of tortoises, dusky pademelons, the sun bear, the babirusa, the situtunga, bawean deer, muntjak among many others.

As previously stated, beyond having the pleasure of seeing some of the world’s rarest animals, this zoo offers an array of exciting activities which one can take part in. For instance, have you ever wondered what riding on a Sumatran elephant feels like? It is incredible. There are several elephant safaris under different packages. The rides provide visitors with a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a look at the ambiance of nature from the back of the largest animal on land. There are professional mahouts, people who look after elephants, that guide tourists through the process so as to ensure safety. Also, visitors are allowed to take photos or hand-feel the elephants.

Another wonderful experience at the zoo is the Sanctoo Spa and Wellness center. One of the most fun-filled adventures at the zoo is the elephant expedition with revitalization treatment spa. Under this package, a visitor gets to go on an expedition on an elephant’s back and thereafter to the spa where there are plenty of activities like massages and other body treatments. While at the spa, visitors can delight themselves in different meals which are offered while simultaneously enjoying nature.

Further, one gets the option of choosing between different types of massages such as a holistic massage which features mud back application, a full body massage or other body treatments such as body scrubs. This is perfect so that one can rejuvenate after a long day of visiting the other attractions.

It gets even better. While at the zoo, there are different well-planned dining experiences that suit the needs of different visitors. The Wana restaurant provides a very ethereal dining experience. The intentional open-air plan that it has allows the visitors to be able to dine and still experience some of the animal attractions present at the zoo. Visitors get to enjoy sumptuous meals from Bali and around the world as they watch the African lion and the Bengal tiger from afar. How enchanting! There are also other restaurants such as the Wantilan and Gayo which embody the same concept open-air concept.

Would you like to spend the night and find serenity that comes from the sounds of nature? The Sanctoo Villas are perfect for those who would like to stay at the zoo.

One of the most beautiful and humbling aspects of the zoo is that it is very passionate about conservation of the environment and wildlife. This was the main aim of the founder of the zoo, Anak Agung. It is a sad reality that some of the animals are under the threat of being extinct following the consequences of global warming and other environmental factors. For instance, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classified elephants as critically endangered animals.

It is, therefore, upon us to take all the necessary steps to ensure that wildlife remains protected and looked after. A visit to the zoo will not only give you an opportunity to take part in the course but also educate you more about the need for conservation of wild animals. In recognition of their commitment to conservation, Bali Zoo was awarded the title of Best Conservation Institution 2017 by The Ministry of the Environment and Forestry Indonesia.

Bali Zoo is a fantastic place to visit for all the family See animals from around the world, and learn about conservation efforts to ensure that future generations are also able to see these wonderful animals.

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Bali Zoo Breakfast with the Orangutans

Bali Zoo provides excellent animal care and conservation as well as unforgettable visitor

Prices Starting From $26

Bali Zoo Dinner With the Great Elephant

Enjoy dinner with the gentle giants of the jungle – the Sumatran elephant

Prices Starting From $26

Bali Zoo Elephant Expedition

Bali Zoo is one of Asia’s leading zoos with a commitment to providing

Prices Starting From $49

Bali Zoo General Admission

Get up close and personal with a range of animals and birds from

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Bali Zoo Half Day Explorer

Bali Zoo offers guests the chance to see animals and birds from around

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5 out of 5 – Bali zoo

Had a lovely buffet breakfast with the Orangutans and elephants.Plenty to choose from, with lovely staff.
Likes that there was no pressure to buy their photos and they were happy to use your own for you. Needless to say we then bought one.
Zoo was pleasant. Clean and healthy animals.
Go early brekkie not so hectic. – Helen R from Mandurah, Australia

5 out of 5 – Breakfast with orangutan

Had an amazing breakfast, staff looked after us at all times. We had a photo with the orangutans and then got to go back for cuddles and a play. Elephants were there for feeding, cuddles and many photos…… was amazing! We also held beautiful birds before walking around the rest of the zoo. I recommend this to any animal lovers. – Nugget1969

5 out of 5 – Very fun experience!!

Couple days ago we went to have breakfast with orang utan! Its better than I thought. We got to interact and take photos with the orangutans, and there are also birds and elephants. They are really friendly and used to people.
If you will experience this, don’t forget to take a photo with the birds as well. The one name Robby is literally talked to me – balitraveler23 from Denpasar, Indonesia

5 out of 5 – Must visit!

Bali zoo is a must visit if you’re travelling to Bali with kids.
Even tho the animal collections is not as various as Batu Secret Zoo, Bali zoo offers different experience. The zoo has more trees so it’s not as hot as Batu Secret Zoo. And also, Bali zoo provides washing area and disinfectant mat here and there which i think more hygiene for us visitors. – merry_setianings

5 out of 5 – Great to visit

This is a great place especially if you have children. On entrance you walk through an open area full of beautiful Deer and some Wallabies.
The enclosures were clean, some were a tad small, but active fund raising will see the end of this and your monetary contribution could assist in improvements.
Nice cafe’s and ice cream/drink stations available. Fun double decker bus transport was a feature.
Elephant rides are available, charming souvenir shop, clean toilets and well informed staff make this an enjoyable family day. Allow a few hours for your visit. – Marilyn O from Alice Springs, Australia

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