Best Places to Visit in Bali

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Best Places to Visit in Bali

Birds of passage are not meant to be caged. When your flight takes you to Bali, there are many places to visit marvel at the natural beauty and indulge in memorable activities. Bali is the destination where many realize the fullness of life. There, wandering in the jungles, taking in the views from the mountaintops and relaxed in beautiful villas you will begin to understand yourself. Let us dive in to explore the best places to visit in Bali so you don’t miss a thing on your holiday.

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For your ultimate relaxation, visit Yeh Gangga beach 12 km west of Tanah Lot. This is a quiet beach romanticized by many travelers for its beautiful sunsets, surfing waves, and remarkable rice paddies. The best activity for adrenaline junkies in Yeh Gangga is ATV quad bike riding. These are powerful machines, but they are fully automatic and easy to control. You do not have to be a veteran biker to enjoy this experience. Beginners get a detailed briefing from the tour guides before mounting the big machine to head to the black sandy beaches. It is an experience like no other.

The ATV tour will take you along the beach and through rice paddies that are characterized by serene green landscapes. You will also get a chance to ride through the local village to experience Bali as a traveler and not as a tourist. The locals are friendly and their villages a mysterious treasure chest to be unlocked. Take time out of your tours to hear stories of old; of Ramayana, Kebo Iwa, and Rangda. Sample the mouthwatering Lawar, Soto Babi, and Bubur Injin.

Restless minds find peace in the golden sunsets and beautiful beaches of Nusa Lembongan. You will be living a scene from the movies, on an island decorated with mangrove forests, pristine beaches, and seaweed farms. The waters in Nusa Lembongan are perfect for surfing and snorkeling.

Nusa Lembongan boasts beautiful untouched coral reefs, and the waters are calm and clear. With the help of experienced local guides, you will find your way to the most interesting diving spots. These include Toya Pakeh, Giant Trevally, and the Mangrove Spot among others. There is much activity happening below the waters in these places.

After a morning of snorkeling, you can indulge in a Balinese lunch at the beachside restaurant. An afternoon trek through the mangroves will help you relax and wind up your day. You can also decide to board the Sampan – a floating wooden boat and drift through the lagoons.

The Gili Islands are the most compelling destination in Bali. Although in actual fact they are part of neighbouring Lombok, they are one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Bali. It is a picturesque set of three islands all awash with intense beauty; golden sandy beaches and colorful marine life. Palm trees line the coasts, with cool restaurants, beach bars and clubs promising travelers an unmatched vacation experience.

Gili Trawangan is synonymous with party hunters. Gili Meno on the other hand is quiet and perfect for a rejuvenation trip. Gili Air is a blend of relaxation spots, beach clubs, and dive schools. From Bali to Gili islands, the safest and quickest way to travel is by the Gili Fast Boat. The best boats feature state of the art safety equipment, amenities, and entertainment. Aboard the boats, you will find a friendly crew led by a skilled captain.

How about adding a little bit of sweetness to your Bali itinerary. For that, you will have to take the trip to Carang Sari village that harbors the Bali Pod Chocolate Factory. This is a journey of discovery, of tastes and of dreams come true for all who possess a sweet tooth. Upon arrival at the factory, your tour of the place will start with a welcome shot of chocolate drink. Next is walk through the cocoa plantation in Crang Sari. You will then start learning the secrets of chocolate making, straight from the roasting of beans to fermentation.

This trip is a chance to tantalize your taste buds on raw cocoa, cocoa and the signature Bali Chocolate. Just to put your newly learned skills to use, you will be given a chance to make your very own takeaway chocolate elephants. The Bali Pod Chocolate factory tour is a delightful and inspiring journey that veers off the beaten track of natural attractions. You will emerge from the trip as a confident chocolate maker.

Singaraja Bali is a magical port town that deserves a slot in your bucket list. The old buildings and architecture that will time jump you to the colonial era. At the Gedong Kirtya library, you will find some ancient palm-leaf manuscripts. If you are looking to mingle with kings of the 1600s, then consider visiting the Museum Buleleng for stone coffins and sculptures and paintings.

However, the most thrilling part of Singaraja is the waterfalls. They are magical, majestic and serene, promising healing for all who tour them. The atmosphere is fresh and peaceful at GitGit waterfall. Accessing GiGit by road is easy. Many travelers come here for meditation and yoga in the backdrop of waters cascading from a height of 35 meters. Close by are shops and restaurants for food and refreshments.

A remarkable lush greenery surrounds the GitGit waterfall. Oftentimes, you will spot a few monkeys tittering and jumping from tree to tree as they drink from the falls. It is a remarkable sight. Just so you know, Balinese superstition has it that if you take a bath in the GitGit waterfall with your spouse you will soon separate after the visit.

Other places to visit in Bali include the Monkey forest in Ubud. This forest is home to 700 monkeys and 186 species of exotic trees. To quench your mystical curiosity, there are many temples in the Monkey forest, but you can also venture further to the Uluwatu Temple, which is a Hindu sea temple on the Bukit Peninsula or the Tirta Empul Water Temple in Manukaya village.

Which ever places you choose to visit in Bali, you can be sure that the memories will stay with you for a lifetime, and may even be as powerful as to keep bringing you back again and again.

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Adventure Tours in Tropical Paradise

Speed along a deserted beach on an ATV quad bike, go off-road motor biking on the slopes of a volcano or through the jungle, white water rafting on the Ayung River, or scuba diving amongst some of the most diverse marine life anywhere on the planet. Bali is a great place for adventure, and you’ll find the very best adventure tours right here!

Discover Bali’s Amazing Culture

Bali has a rich cultural history, that remains alive and vibrant today, as Hindu religious practices are woven into daily life. Take a cultural tour to discover more about the traditional ways of life on the Island of the Gods as well as seeing more of the beautiful landscape of the island. Visit temples, palaces and artisans at work for an unforgettable day out in Bali.

Great Days Out for all the Family

Bali is a fantastic place for all the family. Get up close and personal with the inhabitants of the Monkey Forest, or tackle the obstacles high in the trees of the Tree Tops Adventure Park. Enjoy a fun filled day on the rides and slides of Waterbom Park – the Number 1 waterpark in Asia. The Marine and Safari Park are also firm family favourites. Book your tours with us for the family holiday of a lifetime.

Bali’s Best Nature Tours

Discover the stunning scenery of Kintamani and Mount Batur and the mesmerising beauty of the terraced rice paddies at Tegallalang. Cycle through rural Bali, getting up close and personal with both the people and the landscape or take a tour to discover the majesty of hidden waterfalls.

Theme Parks for All

Spend the day at Bali Wake Park – Bali’s only cable tow wake boarding park, and also home to Aqua Land – Asia’s largest inflatable floating obstacle course! A day at Waterbom Bali is always a great day out for all the family or combine fun with caring for the animals at the award winning Elephant Safari Park.

Get Wet and Wild in Bali

Hit the waves for the first time and learn to surf, or charter a boat and head off in search of uncrowded waves. Discover the thrill of wind power as you head off kite surfing, enjoy a banana boat ride or speed around Benoa on a Jet Ski. Head underwater on a scuba diving adventure and discover one of the richest and most diverse marine environments on the planet.

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