Elephant Safari Park Bali

Bali is a destination of alluring natural beauty. Tropical rainforests and volcanic mountains, gorgeous sandy beaches to mesmerize you and several monuments and temples to take you back through history. The Elephant Safari Park Bali adds to this experience, allowing you to closely and humanely interact with these magnificent creatures in an undeniably stunning setting.

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Imagine getting personal and up-close with rare wildlife species right before retreating to a first-class hotel? If you are looking for a once in a lifetime and gratifying experience, the Elephant Safari Park is where you need to be. An excursion to this elephant park is among the most memorable activities any Bali visitor will experience.

Situated in the beautiful interior of Bali, approximately 18km north of Ubud, The Elephant Park is among the most breathtaking experiences to behold. Operated by Mason Adventures, it is open from 8 a.m. down to 6 p.m. The cost depends on the activities which you take part in during your visit.

The assortment of activities includes exclusive elephant rides, a research center, a restaurant, a small-sized botanical garden, a museum and overnight accommodation in the form of a lodge. It is simply a visitor’s paradise, and perhaps more importantly, the park is dedicated to taking care of retired working elephants, ensuring a better life for them. At this park you have the opportunity to get up-close with 31 Sumatran elephants.

In line with the World Zoo Association, this Bali Park adheres to strict International animal care standards. It took a combined three years to establish this exceptional park. It was designed to safeguard the endangered Sumatran elephant species and was first opened to the public in 2000.

The park was carefully designed and landscaped so that it as closely as possible reflects the original Sumatran habitat of the elephants. You do not need to worry about animal cruelty – repetition, reward and patience are the only tools used for training elephants here. If you choose to go on an elephant, rest assured that this will not be causing the animal any pain or discomfort. Specially designed and made light weight wooden seats are well padded so sit comfortably on the elephants back. This exercise actually helps the elephants stay fit, healthy and strong.

The Park follows the ‘5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare’ which were established in 1965 in Great Britain. These freedoms are: freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury or discomfort; freedom to express; and freedom from fear and distress. In two decades of operation, the part has been recognized internationally by a number of animal welfare organizations, including the National Geographic Society and being a partner in conservation with the World Wildlife Foundation.

Its exceptional state has even led it to be labeled The Best Elephant Park in the World by none other than Steve Irwin, the renowned ‘crocodile hunter’ and conservationist from Australian. Such is its popularity that numerous high-end tourists and famed personalities constantly find their way here, including. David Beckham, Dolf Lundgren, Posh Spice, Johnny Knoxville, Julian Lennon and Steve’ O among many others.

One of the few factors that define its status is the near heavenly setting. Mountains, rainforests, and artfully landscaped botanical gardens encircle these 31 Sumatran elephants residing here. What’s more, the park is also home to the only mammoth skeleton in Southeast Asia, which is over 15,000 years old. It is part of the more than 1000 exhibits that grace the comprehensive museum in the park.

Other amenities found in the spectacular museum include an exclusive Information Centre comprising displays and a graphic history of the elephants, a spa, not to forget the grand elephant memorabilia collection just to mention but a few.
As you might expect, most of the activities in this park revolve around the massive creatures. Lucky for you, you can touch, feed, photograph and even ride on them. As aforementioned, the Park’s operator, Mason Adventures, provides an assortment of package choices among them overnight stays in the onsite park lodge. Nonetheless, if you prefer visiting during the day, you can arrive early in the morning for a full day, or if you’d prefer have a half day visit.

Naturally, you can admire the Sumatran elephants in the gorgeous tropical setting. You can witness first-hand how they immerse themselves deep in the park’s lake, take a ride on them, feed each with your hand, or even take pictures with them, among many other exciting activities. If you choose to go for the elephant ride as part of your park tour package, you can enjoy sensational rides from the safety of comfortable teak seats perched on their backs.

The tour follows a special track within the park, and lunch is served right next to the lake where the elephants take their routine baths. Once you are done here, the next stop is an even better site to behold. You are guided into an arena where you get entertained by three elephants in an exclusive talent show that takes place every day.

Although this show is quite short (just 15 minutes), it is, however, an interesting way to learn the natural behavior of the largest mammal on the land. What’s more, it is also a way to demonstrate the innate intelligence of the elephants. This is particularly visible when they engage in small tricks like kicking soccer balls, shooting a basketball, painting and even swinging hula hoops. And while these creatures are acting in a ‘professional capacity,’ they are however not punished if they bail on their entertainment tasks. At the park, the elephants wellbeing is placed above their value as a tourist attraction.

Finally, you can dine and wine on a delicacy of cuisine options derived from the island at the spectacular 200 seating capacity lakeside restaurant. What’s more, you can also stroll around and purchase various elephant affiliated souvenirs at the Park’s gift shop. Some of the items you will find at the gift shop include clothing, jewelry, paintings, and carvings.

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Elephant Safari General Admission

The Elephant Safari Park has been caring for a herd of Sumatran Elephants

Prices Starting From $6

Elephant Safari Ride

Take a walk with the elephants at the Bali Elephant Safari Park by

Prices Starting From $27

Elephant Safari Bathe and Breakfast

Bali Elephant Safari Park has been caring for a herd of Sumatran Elephants

Prices Starting From $76

Elephant Safari Jumbo Wash

Get up close and personal with the magnificent Sumatran Elephants at the Bali

Prices Starting From $65

Elephant Safari Ride Kid’s Mini Safari

The Kid’s Mini Safari allows children under the age 10 to enjoy a

Prices Starting From $21

Elephant Safari Under the Stars

Head to the Bali Elephant Safari Park for an evening never to be

Prices Starting From $36


5 out of 5 – Beautiful place to visit

What a beautiful place elephants are well looked after and really enjoyed the ride on the elephant we also got a chance to hand feed them there show with the elephants was good could really tell the elephants was enjoying themselves too nothing seemed forced as they was eager to play the games well worth a visit. – Pictronies from Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom

5 out of 5 – Amazing experience with very friendly staff

We visited the park yesterday with my boyfriend. Unfortunately we arrived late because of heavy rain (just twenty minutes before the park closed), but the staff wasn’t in a hurry at all. A guy took us around the museum and the park and gave us a lot of information and stories about the 31 elephants. The elephants are trained by the “mahouts” with fruit and not violence. The elephants don’t get forced to do anything the don’t want and through mating season they are kept somewhere apart from the park. Yes, they are chained during the night and when they eat for safety reasons – so they won’t fight or run away. They also get to have a day off from the park. Overall a very good impression. We chose not to ride on the elephants, just to see them. They let us feed them and even asked us to stay to see the one elephant doing its bath. For me the elephants seem relaxed, friendly and happy, and the staff don’t seem to fuss about getting more money as other places in Bali.

Another thing to add – as we stayed more than half an hour after closing we came find our bike with a flat tire. The staff stayed and even brought a mechanic to fix the tire.

So in general a very good experience and a great “thank you” to the amazing staff! – Simona W

5 out of 5 – Day Trip

This was the best elephant park we have ever been to. Clean. Elephants look well looked after. Very reasonable prices. Buffet lunch was great. – 4Brierleys

5 out of 5 – The MOST fun place to visit in all of Bali!

We had a driver thank goodness to take us to this wonderful elephant sanctuary. Our elephant trainer has been with his elephant for 19 years and said she is his FIRST wife!. They are rescued from Sumatra where their habitat has been destroyed. This is the most wonderful place to visit. You can visit the elephants up close and personal, go for a ride and watch them do things such as kick soccer balls, paint and walk along the elephant plank. There is a museum and a very good restaurant as well as there are bungalows in which one can stay if so desired. Go see if first hand! – teri1352 from Portland, Oregon

5 out of 5 – Oh My!

What a fantastic day out! one hour from Nusa Dua resort but well worth a visit, we passed rice fields and school children immaculately turned out and well behaved. I feared that the elephants may have been over worked or badly treated but this was not the case. Must had been with their ‘companion’ for years, some 20yrs and the followed them around. The elephants were a joy to watch playing football and painting which only lasted a max of 15 mi s before they were left alone. As the park was quiet we were left alone with 2 elephants which we fed at our leisure. Accordingly there are 31 elephants and they rotate the workload so as not to create apathy. The breeding programme is slow going sadly. The park could raise more money by having drop bins so visitors could put spare cash in. The park do not ask for donations and I think they are missing a trick here! Fantastic day out. – Nancy T from London, United Kingdom

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