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The Gili Islands are picture-perfect set of three tropical islands, just off the coast of Lombok. Warm ocean waters rich in marine life, golden sand beaches backed by palm trees, cool beach bars and clubs, great accommodation, the Gili Islands should be on your Bali holiday itinerary! Each of the three islands has its own character. Gili Trawangan is the best known as a tourist destination and attracts a party crowd. Tiny Gili Meno is the perfect place to simply be and relax, whilst Gili Air is somewhere in between, and home to a number of dive schools. Think hauntingly sublime sunsets, achingly gorgeous vistas, all with an astoundingly unique and authentic ambiance-on each island!

Book your transfers to the Gili Islands from Bali by a Gili Fast Boat to travel safely and quickly to make the most of your time in the sun. Bali Tours and More offers a range of options for your convenience. Book your trip to tropical paradise today.

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Arriving on the islands, you’ll see there’s no traffic – one of their many charms. Transportation is by foot, bicycle or horse and cart. There’s a laid back vibe just perfect for a beach holiday and accommodation options to suit every budget. Spend your days relaxing on the beach, explore the islands or go snorkeling or scuba diving, the choice is yours.

Daily fast boat departures to the Gili Islands, which include pickups from your accommodation in the main tourist centers in the south of Bali mean that getting there couldn’t be easier. While there are many companies offering this service, here at Bali Tours and More we only offer the best.

First on the list is the highly rated Eka Jaya Fast Boat. Accredited as among the most reliable Bali-based boat companies, they offer exclusive daily services down from Padang Bai over to Lombok via the Gili Islands.

The fast boat firm has been in operation since 1999 and features exclusive aluminum boats (23-metres long) powered by brand new HP engines guaranteeing uncompromised passenger safety. With an onboard passenger capacity of 118 passengers, their vessels are well equipped with full safety equipment to cater for every client. Their high-speed engines single out their boats as the finest across Bali for their unremitting punctuality over the course to Gili.

The boats are manned by professional crew members and captains boasting impeccable skillsets and vast experience. Simply put it this way; with them, your experience will amount to nothing short of remarkable particularly with the cordial services as offered by their helpful and friendly personnel in case you are in need of assistance. While you cruise through the sea to your destination, you will be lucky to enjoy your personal space as they offer a spacious, well-maintained seating area comprising premium grade seats and furniture.

All their prices are charged depending on the type of service you request.

They also offer daily departures that allow you to not only switch but also match a schedule that best encompasses your needs. They have forged an honorable repute as punctual with their schedules being timely with almost zero delays. Their departure packages include a direct daily departure from Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan and morning and afternoon trips also included. And what’s more, their schedules are set with reasonable pricing that encompasses both your needs and your budget.

While it is no brainer that Bali is saturated with multiple fast boat service options to take you down to Gili Islands and Lombok, only one of the numerous options, the Gili Getaway II is known to offer a direct service to and from the south of Bali to Gili without making any pit stops even in the common stops such as Sengiggi, Padang Bai or Nusa Lembongan.

With several HP powered engines similar to those found in Ekya Jaya, Gili Getaway is the ideal choice for you that is looking to get to Gili both quickly and securely. With a reputation of being significantly faster compared to any of their competitors, they avail reasonable pickup times from your departure point to your destination in a punctual and a vacation-friendly manner.

The company facilitates two trips (daily) with a direct one heading to Gili Trawangan from Bali and the other passing through Gili Gede right before diverting back to its course towards Gili Air, Trawangan and other Gili destinations. For the direct trip, the boat departs Serangan at exactly 9.00 in the morning and takes between 2 and 2 and a quarter hours to get to your destination, although it is dependent on the prevailing sea conditions. As for the ensuing trip, it departs at around 10:30 am and although it takes some few stops, it only takes about 20 minutes above the normal direct trip time. Nonetheless, the few stopovers will afford you the rare chance of taking pleasure in the breathtaking sight of the gorgeous Gili Gede Island, on the southwestern part of Lombok, not to mention the newly unveiled Kokomo Resort.

While on board, they treat you to various complimentary packages among them refreshments, chilled towels, sunblock lotions/creams, air-conditioned and clean cars, knowledgeable drivers, restaurant amenities as soon as you check in, not to mention exclusive sunroof access affording you the opportunity to delight in the stunning archipelago sun while on your island getaway down to the delightful paradise, that is, the Gili Islands

Make your transfer to the Gili Islands as enjoyable as your time on the islands. Book your transfer with Bali Tours and More and know that you are travelling with the most trusted operators in the business. Choose the crossing that suits you best, and book and pay securely are waiting. Your tropical paradise is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

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Fast Boat to Gili Blue Water Express

Established in 2006, Blue Water Express was the first fast boat to Gili

Prices Starting From $32

Fast Boat to Gili Eka Jaya

Eka Jaya is one of the most established and most trusted fast boat

Prices Starting From $19

Fast Boat to Gili Gili Getaway

Experience the magic of the Gili Islands with Gili Getaway’s fast boat to

Prices Starting From $15


5 out of 5 – Fast Boat, everything turned out fine.

Well that was certainly an experience. We booked online at bookingfastboat dotcom and paid $44 each for return. (PadangBai to Gili Air) I’d recommend getting your return ticket scheduled, seemed like people with open tix had more problems? Be aware that this is through a broker so the counter staff had to track them down for our tickets. Kind of confusing, sure, but be patient. Things work a little differently in Bali, so budget a bit more time, be calm but assertive, and make sure you keep all your receipts. Boat was fast and those of us prone to sea sickness did not have a problem. Boat ran a little behind schedule; to be expected from such a small port handling such a large amount of traffic. Inside the cabin, the AC is pumping! We decided to check out the top deck and whoa! The music was pumping, crew was dancing, and we saw dolphins both on the way there and back. Take all the one star reviews with a grain of salt, some very Western Unrealistic Expectations on here. – dbiznuss

5 out of 5 – Super Ekajaya

We were on a trip to Bali and gili islands with a group of friends..I was very sceptical about booking ekajaya due to the reviews that we had heard and seen..but nevertheless still went ahead with it and I do not regret it at all..we were travelling from kuta to gili and the pickup from our hotel was rit on time..we reached the port from where ekajaya starts and the staff was very helpful and helped us in tagging our bags and also provided a sticker which read Gili t so it’s easy to round up the passengers ..the boats are big really neat and clean and it was rit on time..they have 2 decks the below one is with the A/C and the above one is the open deck..on our return as well from gili trawangan to serangan the boat was rit on time and the drop off just perfect..and it is also one of the cheapest fast boats to the gili islands..not once did we feel that the staff was rude or non co operative..I would defiantly recommend ekajaya fast boat services to the gilbe islands ..they are cheap neat clean and punctual. – jugal2512 Mumbai, India

5 out of 5 – The great experience compare to Semaya one

Eka Jaya 23 is the biggest, fastest and most comfortable ship which goes between Gili islands and Bali. It also provides much more space inside and it is air conditioned ( finally). This boat also offers the fastest and most comfortable way how to enter and leave the ship which speeds the trip up. They offer free transport to airport in Bali. The car was not airconed, it took us 0.5 hour waiting before we left Padang Bai and the 1.5hour to get to the airport, so definitely good deal. because when we left the ship Eka Jaya coordinator told us that the trip will take at least 3.5 hours and we should rather take taxi for additional 350 000 IDR :). – Ondra_PH

5 out of 5 – A very TOP service

It is my firsttime to Gili, and when start to find a fastboat company to Gili, this company have the best and fast feedback for me. so we decided to use their service. The email process and other comunication was perfect, fast response always. Few days before departure, they send a confirmation email. and they already contacted the Hotel we stay in Bali for our pick up, even though we’ve not yet check in at that hotel. I think this is the best possible service we could get. The pick up time also ontime, with their driver already stand by at my hotel. Check in process also fast, but their place (at that time) is very crowded with other people from different service which is goes to lembongan/penida. as a result the bathroom is very very dirty. But Gili Getaway has reserve us a table to sit on. Boarding process is smooth, we do not have to carry our luggage, everything is handled by their team. so you just have to sit, wait and board the boat. The journey itself is pretty smooth, since our departure is 9 o’clock, and the sea condition is calm. They have a nice boat, with TV and wifi on boat. Some candy, cold water, cold towel also distributed when we at the boat. First stop is Trawangan, and then to Air then to Lombok and Back to Bali. Transfer to the hotel is also nice with their driver. Overall, it is a recomendation company to take to. And the plus point is, they depart from Serangan (which is obly 10 minutes from Kuta) and go directly to Trawangan. so if you’re not a fans of long driving to padangbai, this is the best choice. – Kevin K Bandung, Indonesia

5 out of 5 – Sun bathing top deck

A speedy reliable service that has an open air top deck that enables you to sun bath the whole way to the Gili islands.
On the return trip the company has a car waiting to take you to your next holiday.
Highly recommended and professional company. – Jonathan A

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