Fishing In Bali

Imagine the promise of catching a wide range of fish – some of them maybe even record breaking, great boats, fantastic equipment and all in the stunning setting of the seas around Bali, which are privileged to have some of the most densely packed and diverse game fishing zones in the world. This is all combines to make fishing in Bali one of the best activities on the island. . If you’re a committed expert, or interested amateur and are considering a fishing tour somewhere off a sunny island, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better location than Bali.

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The reason for this is that Bali is close to the Wallace Line, a rare geographical point in the Indian Ocean where game fish can be hunted all year long thanks to the sheer density of their populations around that region. Fish like the Giant Trevally, the Barracuda, and the Kingfish are commonplace here, but you should also expect to find the Red Snapper, Jobfish, Tuna Dogtooth, Tuna Skipjack, Cobia, Wahoo, Amberjack, and the emerald-colored Mahi Mahi fish in abundance.

Fishing is a sport, and like any sport, proper equipment is required. If you didn’t pack your fishing gear before coming to Bali, don’t sweat it. There are plenty of all-inclusive offers for both professionals and novice fishermen looking for some reliable gear, fishing vessels, or even professional guidance from pro fishermen. The benefits of using such services are many. Not only won’t you have to deal with extra luggage from home, you’ll also gain access to professional fishing gear. As we all know, a fisherman is only as good as the gear they use. Sport fishing service providers in Bali understand the need for quality when it comes to fishing for sport, and if five world records in the span of less than a decade are anything to go by, it is clear that their style of fishing is superior.

For those interested in chartering a professional fishing vessel, you’re in luck. Bali is the home of one of the fastest and most powerful fishing boats you’ll find anywhere: the fully equipped Dedean 3. Measuring 15.8 meters long and 3.5 meters across, stability, speed, and reliability are virtually guaranteed to any fisherman onboard the vessel. The super speedy boat is powered by 3 four-stroke Yamaha 250 engines that clock very high speeds.

Despite being one of the best-rigged fishing boat you’ll see, the Dedean 3 also features comfortable onboard accommodation. It has three berths, one single bed, two double beds, two freshwater showers with a cumulative capacity of 350L, a galley with a sink and hot water, and a private bathroom.

All comforts and amenities aside, the fishing boat has earned every right to be one of the best on the island. Quality and variety in fishing gear will allow you to better your skills or even help you nab the next world record.

The Dedean 3 is built to cater to all types of fishing thanks to the availability of all types of fishing equipment on board. If you’re a diehard for jigging, you will find jigging rods such as the Reels DAIWA Saltiga Expedition Z6500 and the Reels Shimano overhead to be more than capable of taking down even the biggest targets. Equipment for popping and trolling are also available to anyone interested in fishing using either of these methods. As for lures, the Dedean 3 never leaves for sea without restocking its 500 jigs, 20 or so Marlin lures, 50 poppers and 12 Rapalas.

Thanks to Bali’s proximity to the Wallace Line, there are over 200 great fishing spots (for jigging) in the southeast parts of the island. In the recent years, local and visiting fishermen have nabbed five record catches, one of which is a 57kg Giant Trevally that was caught just 4 miles off the coast. The proud fisherman caught it by trawling with Marlin lures.

Bali’s proximity to this great fishing spot and the sheer diversity of its marine life should make fishing quite an experience for everyone regardless of skill set. If you’re interested in chartering a fishing vessel, plenty of affordable options are available on and off the island. In addition to speedy water vessels and state-of-the-art equipment, the price of most packages will cover the cost of hiring a professional fisherman to act as a guide =to help you make the most of your time on the water and get you to the best fishing sports on the day.

Even if you have mountains of skill and experience fishing in waters such as these, it is handy to have an extra set of experienced hands and eyes on board.

Fishing boats can be booked for four or more people people and a guide, but this will depend on the length of your fishing trip and the number of people in your fishing party. The Dedean 3 comes with its own crew (they are also well versed in deep water fishing so they’ll be very helpful), luxurious amenities, and world-class fishing gear. You can charter the fishing boat to a designated fishing zone, but if need be, an island to island charter services are also available.

This allows fishermen to travel Between Nusa Lembogan and Bali, the two borders of the marine-rich region surrounding the Wallace Line. Trips to and from both islands are conducted on a regular basis with more than one trip being made every day.

Fishing in Bali is an even more relaxing affair if you consider the number of bonus perks offered with every package. For starters, free pickup is available for those staying near the pickup locations on Bali. Things like fishing and safety gear are also included in this one-off rental fee, and so are the professional fishing guides and crew onboard the fishing vessel.

Take a charter off the island for a fun-filled and family-friendly experience in one of the world’s premier fishing locations. Although you’ll enjoy the fishing just as much as you would want to, there’s no denying that the scenery will also take your breath away. Fishing for sport in Bali is very popular, so if you’re a serious angler you will get the opportunity to mingle with some big-name anglers who come to Bali all year round to flex their fishing muscles.

Even if you’re not an experienced fisherman or woman, Bali fishing services provide you with all the gear and guidance necessary to make a good catch, even if you’ve never held a fishing rod before. There is plenty of fun for the vacationers and plenty of game for the serious anglers, making Bali the perfect place for people from all walks of life to gain and use their fishing skills.

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5 out of 5 – Great day out catching fish

We chose a half day charter and although that’s doesn’t take you to the far waters, it is enough to excite those who haven’t really fished extensively before. We were picked up very early from Seminyak and we returned after lunch at approximately 3pm. Ricky and his crew did a fabulous job in helping us rig and pull in some great fish. The water was beautiful, the sun was intense so block out and appropriate clothing is an absolute must. They supply you with water, soft drinks and a club sandwich if you choose. There is a small toilet on board but I didn’t visit it. After we arrived back, the kitchen cooked one of our Grouper fish and made soup plus a grilled version with rice. The food was sensational. The day was fabulous and the crew were very helpful, respectful and knowledgeable. If you’re a true fishing person and love pulling them in, the whole day charter might be for you. The strength needed for me as a semi beginner was enough at 200M.- PHOAustralia from Australia

5 out of 5 – Fishing

Me and my wife went fishing with Edy and the team. It was the best day fishing i have ever experienced, I have fished in places around the world and this team is first class. They were passionate about fishing and keeping us happy. We had a great meal and unlimited drinks. We caught a 5kg blue finned travelli and 20+kg GT which was incredible. It was the best day we have had on the trip. Thumbs up!!! Highly recommend. – hubbib101 from Greater Sydney, Australia

5 out of 5 – Incredible …! Great Day Fishing with Eddy and his Crew

Our fishing trip was outstanding with Edy and his crew, they really knew the best locations where we would be most likely to catch fish and were very helpful, as my son and I are not experienced at fishing. We were not disappointed and caught groupers, snappers etc… They are a very friendly crew and always willing to help, even when my arms were too tired reeling in the bountiful fish :). They picked us up punctually from our villa in Seminyak and returned us safely. I would highly recommend anyone to use this charter. – HappiestChappy from London, United Kingdom

5 out of 5 – Amazing Bali fishing

Went out early morning 6 to noon half day fishing adventure. To my surprise three fisherman accompanied us. Once at the fishing spot I quickly succumbed to sea sickness. All three mates fished their hearts out to ensure a great catch. A hammer jack fought hard and the crew brought it in. They were so helpful and offered drinks to help us feal better. After one fish we had to go back. Always go fishing on the seas with a light meal, lots of water and plenty of sleep. Still a great time and highly recommended. Best fish I have ever had. Prepared by Nusa Dua hotel. – Michael S

5 out of 5 – Amazing trip, highly recommend!

We’re a group of five (2 adult & 3 teens) and had a lot of fun with Edy and his crew. They worked very hard to find the fish and supported us well by the catching. We started before sunrise and came back after 14:00 hrs. Then we enjoyed to spent some time together with the crew while eating some of our catch. The cooking of the food (sushi, fish curry, fried fish) was organized by Edy and it tasted marvelous. Many thanks to Edy and the crew for a sensational trip. Terima kasih. – The-5-H from Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany

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