Snorkeling Bali

Bali is one of the most exciting places on the earth. And as exciting as it is above ground, look underwater and explore the fascinating marine life of the island. If scuba diving isn’t for you, then snorkeling is great way to explore what lies beneath.

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Snorkeling in Bali is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What makes it so unique is that most of the beaches where people go snorkeling are part of the Coral Triangle, one of the most famous features in the world. This, therefore, means that when you go snorkeling, you stand to get an opportunity to see up-close some of the world’s rarest marine life, exotic kinds of fish and sunken coral gardens. It is no wonder that some of the spots here are looked at as being the most biodiverse places on earth.

There are many advantages that snorkeling in Bali has. To begin with, it has a variety of places including Nusa Dua, Amed among others where people can head into the water. Also, the surf breaks greatly contribute towards ensuring that the waters remain calm. This is essential as it allows for maximum enjoyment of the snorkeling activity. So grab your snorkel and fins and head over to experience snorkeling Bali.

As already stated, Bali offers very many places from where people can go snorkeling. To start off, we shall have a closer look at Amed. Although a fair drive from the main tourist areas of the south, Amed is charming, peaceful stretch of secluded bays on Bali’s north western coast. There are two bays which are mostly used for snorkeling in Amed namely the Jemuluk bay and the Lipah Bay. A visit to the Lipah bay can be fun for snorkelers of all levels of experience. The beauty of the reef around the area is just outstanding. On the other hand, the Jemuluk Bay features clear blue waters thus making it easier to see the existing marine life. In addition, it has the picturesque pyramids which have been set up to attract fish.

Another common snorkeling spot is Padang Bai which is located on the mid-east coast. Its Blue Lagoon is a special feature to Padang Bai. Whereas it is not a lagoon but rather a shallow reef, it has grown to become a unique snorkeling spot in Bali. There are plenty of tropical fish that can be seen at this place.
Nusa Lembongan is a charming island, lieing just off the coast of Bali. It features an array of marine life. On the neighboring island of Nusa Penida is the Manta Point, where you often get to see the rare yet impressive manta rays. These giant fish, which have been found be very human-friendly, usually show up on the higher side of the waters so that certain parasites can eat on its skin.

Back on the main island of Bali and meaning literally ‘two island’s because of the two small island found just off of the beach, Nusa Dua is an area of upscale and exclusive resorts that also offers from great snorkeling. The extensive Nusa Dua reefs have greatly contributed to ensuring that the water on the southern coastline remains calm. The blue waters around the Nusa Dua are perfect as it makes it easier to identify the various marine life that is present in the water.

Another island which stands out for its snorkeling activities is the Menjangan Island. It’s located in the northern part of Bali, and it forms part of the West Bali National Park. The crystal clear waters on this island allow people to have a surreal experience as they sight the coral garden and various marine habitats. The Pos Dua is a shallow reef on Menjangan which has received a lot of praise for its fascinating visibility.

While snorkeling on the island, you will be able to observe features such anemones, which function as a home to the common clownfish, around the island. If you are being observant, you’ll spot the stingrays, tuna, eagle rays or even the reef sharks. In addition, Menjangan is well-known for its sea turtles which people can swim with.

If you are considering snorkeling in Bali, it is vital that you keep your safety in mind. When the guides are giving directions, it is advised that people should listen as keenly as possible so that they can do the right thing. Local guides bring years of experience and knowledge of the local waters and tides and currents – some of which can be very strong, particularly around Nusa Penida. Bali Tours and More offers a variety of snorkeling tours to different areas either as individuals or groups using highly reputable and experienced guides.

Environmental considerations are very important when snorkeling, as the marine eco systems are very delicate. As tempting as it may be, please don’t touch the coral as it is extremely slow growing and easy to damage. Similarly, the fish, and if you’re lucky, turtles are fascinating to look at, but please don’t touch them.

In conclusion, if you are in Bali and you are interested in having an adventure of a lifetime, you should consider snorkeling. It gives you a good opportunity to explore beyond the surface of the land thus giving you a different perspective of Bali.

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5 out of 5 – Tulamben Day Trip 2017 (snorkelling)

For the second time we used blue season bali and we not disappointed. Professional, funny and genuinely interested in making sure my daughter and I had a great time. Hotel pickup on time and paperwork and equipment processed quickly. The drive to Tulamben is quite long but we stopped of at supermarket to stretch our legs. Once at site we got changed and hit the water. Our local guide was great and helped us walk the rocky beach as current was quite strong. A very visual spot for snorkelling the water was clear and the wreck was easy to reach. Next time I’d take up the offer and use the scuba gear instead of snorkel ( lesson learnt ) Lunch was fine athough the restaurant seemed to forget our pre ordered meals, but did not interfere with our snorkel time. Back into water for second time and was just as fun. Current wasn’t as strong and the water wasn’t as clear and fish seemed to increase in numbers. Possibly due to the volcano evacuation the trip home was longer than expected so they dropped us back at hotel rather than going back to dive centre, saving us about 30 minutes. Highly recommend this tour and will use them again next trip. Side note – Although we had a gopro i think i will hire their camera next time too – Kazzam72

5 out of 5 – Relaxed and professional snorkling day trip

After searching on Tripadvisor for a good snorkeling company I found this. And the reviews are correct. Although they are slightly more expensive than some other companies, it worth every penny. The groups are small (9 people with 2 instructors + boat crew), the equipment is good and the instructors speak good english and love to tell more about the fish. And once in the water, they help spot different fish. After each dive they also had fresh fruit and drinks. Lunch was provided and I loved the fact that they didn’t use plastic bottles (we got refillable drinking bottles with our name on it) and lunch was packed in re-usable containers (as our oceans are already polluted with plastic!). We got plenty of time for each dive – I read a lot of other company reviews where people were rushed due to bad organization. This was well organized and relaxed. We never got the feeling we were being rushed. We got to see plenty of fish and even a sea turtle. Manta Point was also a surreal experience – swimming right above these giants is something you cannot miss and we were lucky that the sea was calm. In a nutshell – if you want a relaxed and good snorkeling day trip, this is the right address. – Elisabeth V The Hague, The Netherlands

5 out of 5 – Snorkelling With Manta Rays

Blue Season Bali offers snorkelling and SCUBA diving trips including all equipment and transport. Excellent professional staff, good quality snorkelling equipment, comfortable safe boat, snorkelling guide was very helpful and attentive. All three snorkelling locations were beautiful and very comfortable to access from boat. Manta rays were amazing. the only down side was the plastic and other rubbish encountered while snorkelling at Manta Point; greatly distracted from the experience. – Lynn5150 Greater Adelaide, Australia

5 out of 5 – Excellent snorkeling trip to Nusa Penida

We booked our trip a few weeks before our trip and the communication was good, however we got a little sick the day before, and tried to get a hold of them after hours (call, email and messenger) to ask some questions and we did not get a reply. That was the only problem, the rest of the trip was really good, not much wait and the snorkeling was really good. We are quite experienced snorkelers and we really enjoyed the Manta point (lots of Mantas, but not the best visibility) and Toyapakeh Bay, with a lot of diversity in the coral. If you get seasick easily, you should know that it can get a bit bumpy on the way there and back. They give you towels, water and lunch, so you really do not have to bring a lot. I chose to use the wet suit, and glad I did, because I found it a bit cold (especially crystal bay), my boyfriend did not and he was fine. Really recommend this trip if you are in the area. – lindri Norway

5 out of 5 – Snorkeling at Padang Bai

Our host recommended we book with Blue Season, and while it was a little expensive, it was all inclusive, so one less thing to worry about. The bus picked us up right on time (6:30am) and took us to the office, where we were booked and introduced to our snorkeling instructor, August. He was great. The bus driver was also good, but August explained to us much of what we wondered about on our three days in Bali, village life, religious practices, etc. He was very conscientious, emphasized safety, and made the trip great! Lots of travel back and forth to the site, so be prepared for a full day, but if you bring a book, or get a guide like August, it’s almost like a tour of Bali, built into the snorkeling adventure!

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