Bali Safari was an amazing experience for us. We booked the Elephant Back Ride package which included entry, drinks, photos, elephant ride (obviously!) & unlimited laps in the safari bus around the game area. There is a wonderful orang utan show with the stars of the showing being the beautiful & spirited animals that they

I had opted for the “Adventure Package” (from 2 PM till 5 PM). A local friend drove me there from Ubud, and, having been a member of the Indonesian army, was allowed entrance for free. I am aware that there are people opposed to zoos and animal parks; I wish they were able to see

What can I say but amazing. Was a little bit sceptical with the price and what we were going to see at the start. Once we started to walk around the zoo I was totally impressed and amazed. The safari was the highlight as you are so close to the animals while they are in

With the focus on conservation and lots of shows and activities, Bali Safari and Marine Park is the ideal place to spend time. The park also has an amazing water park. See the shows, have some lunch, relax in the waterpark and top it all off with a drive around to see the animals in

At Bali Safari me and my husband enjoyed a wonderful day. We arrived by scooter at 8:20 in the morning in order to have breakfast with lions. The food was amazing and the staff from the restaurant very nice. The rest of the day we went to all the shows included in the package. Evening