My fiance booked a short flight and proposed! The service was unbelievable. They drove 4 hours to a villa to place a banner which would be ultimately the surprise proposal. The pilot was funny, informative and very professional. Overall an awesome experience. Would highly recommend it! – billynick15 from Sydney, Australia

If you ever wonder how the bird eye view will be, and all this time you only see it as pictures in a magazine or on television, i finally have the chance to experience live how to see this mother earth in a bird eye view… The only word will be amazing. – Awan-Kurniawan

Had an amazing time flying looking down beautiful Bali landscape. The pilot explained everything through the microphone so then we could enjoy the view and knows exactly what we’re looking at. Definitely an experience of a lifetime! – nickyholic

It was an amazing experience to see Bali from up above. Made some great photo’s and memories that will last a lifetime! – Frankiefrankson from Groningen, The Netherlands

Many thanks to Miranda,Sofyan and all the Air Bali helicopter team for a great trip around the Bukit, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua this morning. Coffee on arrival…safety procedures done and off into wild blue yonder ! What could be better …. thanks again everyone … very professional . Wonderful ! – Dave – from Denpasar,