One of many temples in Bali. I suggest you to wear comfort foot-wear, because you will walking around this huge place. The best place to catch sunset and watching Kecak Dance (traditional Balinese dance). -Inu U Denpasar, Indonesia

Altho I didnt understand the entire story the forces of good and evil were on show. The girls dancing was impressive and the men singing and chanting very mesmerising. Then the “horse” man took it to a whole other level walking thru the hot embers. Its a popular show go 30min early if you want

This was a high point of my trip. I loved the show from beginning till end. The chanting has probably stayed with me till date. The performers enacted the story of the Ramayana well. Being a Hindu myself, seeing one of my epics beautifully enacted stole my heart. Definitely recommended! However, go early to get