Spent more than 3 hours walking and enjoying this beautiful park. So many monkeys, sitting on tree branches, jumping on tourists’ laps…or opening our backpack (pulling down the zipper) to steal. The park by itself is also very much worth of visiting. Used to be a boy scout I felt being Mowgli in a jungle

It is simply what the name suggests – a forest full of monkeys! There are also some small temples, but mainly just monkeys. It was lovely to see the monkeys in their natural environment. The forest is not fenced in so the monkeys are there by choice and all seemed relaxed and happy, some were

This monkey forest really is place you must see when you are in Bali! You will see many monkeys doing funny business. Great for photographs. Lots of beautiful trees and forests too. A lovely spot to walk around and cool under the trees on a hot day! HughF86 Gillingham, United Kingdom

Monkeys are cute but they can seem unfriendly if you show you are afraid It’s funny. You can buy proper bananas into the park for 10.00IDR each to feed the monkeys. The forest if beautiful and not only because of the monkeys: there are 3 temples and nice natural places. Enjoy! Ilaria C

Our guide told us the weren’t naughty monkeys, they were cheeky monkeys and he was so right. Climbing up my dress, sitting on my husbands head and trying to pinch bananas. Had a lovely funny day and the walk through the forest was stunning. Highly recommend a visit. Cath