5 out of 5 – Fast Boat, everything turned out fine.

Well that was certainly an experience. We booked online at bookingfastboat dotcom and paid $44 each for return. (PadangBai to Gili Air) I’d recommend getting your return ticket scheduled, seemed like people with open tix had more problems? Be aware that this is through a broker so the counter staff had to track them down for our tickets. Kind of confusing, sure, but be patient. Things work a little differently in Bali, so budget a bit more time, be calm but assertive, and make sure you keep all your receipts. Boat was fast and those of us prone to sea sickness did not have a problem. Boat ran a little behind schedule; to be expected from such a small port handling such a large amount of traffic. Inside the cabin, the AC is pumping! We decided to check out the top deck and whoa! The music was pumping, crew was dancing, and we saw dolphins both on the way there and back. Take all the one star reviews with a grain of salt, some very Western Unrealistic Expectations on here. – dbiznuss

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