5 Out of 5 – Take a dip in the cool waters – it’s fantastic

Tirta Empul is set on flat lands and there’s not many stairs to climb either. But amazingly it has the best fresh holy spring water you’ve ever felt on your body. Though I wish I had an extra change of clothes. it would have been a great dip in the refreshing cooling spring water. You just dip yourself in with whatever you’re wearing – check with your guide though on this matter. The pool is quite deep but it had small steps in the pool for you to walk on that leads to where the statues are and for you to bathe in your clothes 🙂 amazing.

I’ts a beautiful place and plenty of statues and smaller temples. they’re beautiful. Been told that the water has healing power to it as well, and Balinese go there to cleanse themselves of their sins before going into the temples to do their ritual prayers.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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