5 out of 5 – What a special day! Not to be missed.

What a wonderfully thought out experience! So authentic and filled with many surprises.
Cycling through the villages and seeing the locals going about their day was incredibly special.
The market stop was eye opening and I wouldn’t have seen this had I not done this trip.
The rice fields against the palm trees were breathe taking as you rode along the water ways which feed the rice fields.
The cooking class itself is in a beautiful setting and having such renowned chefs there with you was incredible! They’re by your side guiding you through the cook at every step. There is lots of laughter and banter. (You can even cook with a beer in your hand if you fancy it)
The individual cooking stations were a nice surprise as you actually are completing the whole recipe yourself.
I really appreciate that they’ve kept this small and intimate, it’s not for the masses so they’re respecting the villages you ride through and the people in them along with maximising your experience.
You don’t need to be a Tour de France cyclist for this trip, if you’ve ever ridden a bike, you can do this trip.
What an amazing day out, you won’t be disappointed. – Becksmartin Wellington, New Zealand

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