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Bali, so often described as the ‘Island of the Gods’, is a deceitfully breathtaking tropical island just within the vast Indonesian archipelago. Its distinctive moniker reflects it significantly spiritual nature of both its natives as well as the prevalence of the spirituality in everyday life. And with the exquisite blend of ancient ruins, natural scenery, as well as colorful traditions, the Balinese island is a remarkable escape from the normal.

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Bali is an ideal spot to discover exactly why numerous travelers consider the Indonesian archipelago as one of the globe’s ultimate exotic breakout destinations. Bali offers you the chance to meander through ancient temples, explore indigenous species of wildlife, as well as connect with among the most dynamic and oldest cultures in Southeast Asia all in one captivating and condensed location.

Despite being surrounded by mountainous regions and waters, Bali extends multiple opportunities to also indulge in numerous activities. Ensure that you are not missing any of these adventurous activities next time you tour Bali. With such a remarkably fascinating collection of events on both water and land, expect nothing short of ultimate exhilaration and fantastic fun.

Pump up your adrenaline with this extreme, yet remarkable sport known as kite surfing. Generally, this activity is a surface water sport that combines aspects of snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, skateboarding, paragliding, as well as gymnastics in a single sport. Bali offers the ideal playground for such a definitive adventure activity courtesy of its ideal tropical climate and abundant sky clear blue waters. Kitesurfing heavily depends on multiple factors like wind speed, intensity, and height of the waves, air temperature among many other factors.

Usually, there are three main places in Bali where you can access Kitesurfing from mainly: Sanur (particular for beginners), Seminyak-Canggu, and Nusa Dua. The best times to go for kitesurfing would be in the summertime in June to August though windy months stretch from May down to September.

If you have no previous experience of walking at the Ocean bed bottom, then you will surely love the sea walking tour in Bali. Together with walking at the sea bottom, you can delight in different species of sea creatures and activities. Moreover, you can also dive deep down and enjoy a somewhat chilling yet breathtaking experience. In fact, this Bali adventure activity affords you the chance to delight in marine life with minimum hassle and equipment. Surprisingly, you don’t need to have formal training or skills to do sea walking since you will learn everything on the spot. Don’t pass out the opportunity to have a real-time experience with marine life, enroll for a sea walking tour in Bali. Different companies facilitate this activity although it is most popular in Sansur.

River rafting is among the most highly demanded and favorite adventure activities in Bali and for a good reason. Experience and enjoy the thrill that comes with meandering across different Bali Rivers in your river rafting activity. Luckily, you will get guidance from friendly professionals who will steer you through the exhilarating and hilarious journey.

It is among the most satisfying experiences you can have in Bali. Usually, the rivers stretch from between 12 to 14 km, and the rafting will typically take between 2 and two and a half hours (although it is dependent on the river and company you choose for your rafting trip). Nonetheless, aside from the thrill, you also get to mesmerize at the stunning views as well as waterfalls. While in Bali, the two major river rafting locations are Telega Waja and Ayung River.

Undoubtedly, Bali is famous for its scenic landscape. It offers multiple adventure opportunities among them trekking. If you are a nature lover and enjoy the soothing effect of a walk, then this is an ideal activity for you. While at it, you will have the chance to experience firsthand the remarkable unspoiled Balinese nature as well as the stunning view of the sunset. Whether it is mountain or jungle trekking, you can be sure to have an enthralling and fascinating experience- an experience you will forever revere.

Many of these treks are quite comfortable and range from easy level to medium. As such, an average level of fitness is all you need to enroll in this activity. Due to the prominence of this activity, there are many trekking tours around the expansive Bali region.

However, a number of the most popular trekking tours include a trekking tour of Mount Batur, Lemukih, Mount Agung, Mount Rinjani, and Mount Abang. The breathtaking Balinese landscape, towering mountains, and extensive paddy fields offer the popular undulating and exciting trails which make the island a perfect place for Mountain biking. Explore the striking beauty and scenery of this Island atop two wheels as you cruise through numerous trails, discovering new ones on your way up or downstream.

Cycle through sprawling grasslands and quaint villages as you pedal your way through the paths and marvel at the remarkable views-an absolute experience to remember. Luckily, the bikes are available and provided for although if you like, you can bring with you your own. The best times to do a mountain bike tour are between June and September.

Finally, get your adrenaline levels kicking as you explore various parts of Bali Island many people don’t get a chance to visit on a 4-wheel ATV ride. With this ride you can cruise past mountainous terrains, cascading waterfalls, beaches, as well as paddy fields and delight in the stunning views this island provides. Discover those unbeaten Bali tracks on a 4-wheel Enduro trail bike and have a lifetime adventure as you maneuver your way through trails accompanied by a professional guide directing you through every step down the road.

This enthralling activity is available for both amateurs and professional bikers. Surprisingly, this rides thrives during the wet seasons (between December and May) when the grounds are slippery with no dust. Luckily, each of these dirt bikes offers a firm grip, and proper safety measures are forever taken. The best spots in Bali to do this are Kintamani and Tabanan.

If you are searching for some remarkable ways to spend your time in Bali as part of your holiday experience, look no further! Get adventurous or cultured with these few yet noteworthy day trips Bali and get a firsthand experience of what this stunning island has to offer. Whether you are looking to hike active mountain ranges, explore the vast rice paddies, get wild and wet in the dense jungles, or interact with the Bali lifestyle, Bali has nothing but a stock of adventurous day trips for both you and your loved ones. Try out any of these activities and round off your near-perfect vacation in style.

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Adventure Tours in Tropical Paradise

Speed along a deserted beach on an ATV quad bike, go off-road motor biking on the slopes of a volcano or through the jungle, white water rafting on the Ayung River, or scuba diving amongst some of the most diverse marine life anywhere on the planet. Bali is a great place for adventure, and you’ll find the very best adventure tours right here!

Discover Bali’s Amazing Culture

Bali has a rich cultural history, that remains alive and vibrant today, as Hindu religious practices are woven into daily life. Take a cultural tour to discover more about the traditional ways of life on the Island of the Gods as well as seeing more of the beautiful landscape of the island. Visit temples, palaces and artisans at work for an unforgettable day out in Bali.

Great Days Out for all the Family

Bali is a fantastic place for all the family. Get up close and personal with the inhabitants of the Monkey Forest, or tackle the obstacles high in the trees of the Tree Tops Adventure Park. Enjoy a fun filled day on the rides and slides of Waterbom Park – the Number 1 waterpark in Asia. The Marine and Safari Park are also firm family favourites. Book your tours with us for the family holiday of a lifetime.

Bali’s Best Nature Tours

Discover the stunning scenery of Kintamani and Mount Batur and the mesmerising beauty of the terraced rice paddies at Tegallalang. Cycle through rural Bali, getting up close and personal with both the people and the landscape or take a tour to discover the majesty of hidden waterfalls.

Theme Parks for All

Spend the day at Bali Wake Park – Bali’s only cable tow wake boarding park, and also home to Aqua Land – Asia’s largest inflatable floating obstacle course! A day at Waterbom Bali is always a great day out for all the family or combine fun with caring for the animals at the award winning Elephant Safari Park.

Get Wet and Wild in Bali

Hit the waves for the first time and learn to surf, or charter a boat and head off in search of uncrowded waves. Discover the thrill of wind power as you head off kite surfing, enjoy a banana boat ride or speed around Benoa on a Jet Ski. Head underwater on a scuba diving adventure and discover one of the richest and most diverse marine environments on the planet.

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