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Visit the Bali Chocolate Factory, Pod,  in Carang Sari Village and discover the secrets of this delicious chocolate. Your tour will start with a chocolate shot welcome drink. After this you’ll follow every step of the chocolate making journey, from cacoa tree to raw cacoa, the fermentation and roasting of beans before it is finally  turned into the delicious Bali Pod Chocolate.

During the tour you’ll have  the chance to taste raw cocoa, cocoa nibs and Pod’s very own handmade Bali chocolate. After this, you’ll make your own chocolate elephants to take home. Bali Pod Chocolate Factory is committed to supporting the local communities by farming sustainably using organic products and turning nature’s super food – cacao – into delicious foods which are all available in the on-site cafe.

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Are you a chocolate lover? If your answer is in the affirmative, then your tour to Bali is set to give you more than the usual interaction with the magnificent sceneries and attractions everyone is so accustomed to. Next time you are in Bali, take a delightfully inspiring journey as you follow the chocolate making process from tree to treat on an intriguing Bali Chocolate Factory tour. Yes, a Chocolate factory tour! Delight in nourishing sips of dark chocolate-related beverages, witness artisans creating wide-ranging arrays of chocolate goodies, and even get the opportunity to create your own chocolate!

Balinese cocoa beans rank as among the finest in the globe. The artisan chocolate industry on this Island is flourishing, and an excursion to any of the best chocolate plantations and factories around will delight any kid or chocolate lover of all ages! Join a chocolate tour into any of the remarkable chocolate factories in Bali and witness firsthand how they make their uniquely delicious brand of chocolates.

The tour usually starts out with cocoa trees and takes you down to the factories then ends with you getting in on the action and ultimately creating something of your own. And while there are several Bali chocolate-making factories in Bali, the Pod Chocolate Factory is definitely where you need to make your stop. It is simply the ‘king of chocolate making’ and here is why:

Pod Chocolate is among the select few chocolatiers in Bali that treats anyone with a sweet tooth to its exclusive array of handmade delights, while also giving you an opportunity to get in on the action of chocolate-making from cocoa bean to chocolate bar at its primary factory and workshop. Pod Chocolate is a steadfast promoter of organically-produced cocoa and a robust promoter of local farmers which makes it the best at producing quality single origin chocolates.

Featured in the the finest resorts, restaurants, and hotels in Bali, Pod is an iconic chocolate producer and among the few select spots where chocolate is made just minutes away from where it is grown. Bali Pod is based on an expansive farm situated right at the hub of the rice paddies around Carang Sari. The farm sits at a sprawling compound that constantly welcomes Sumatran elephants strolling around the compound meaning that you can also get to see some elephants as a tour bonus!

In what could be referred as a way to maximize the adventure, the tour around the factory is classified into two exclusive packages: a chocolate tour and a factory and plantation tour. You start out by cruising past resident elephant at the famous Bali Elephant Camp as you get to the Pod Chocolate grounds. The tour commences with a welcome beverage in the form of a hot chocolate drink – the perfect way to start out a tour, don’t you think? As soon as you step on the factory floor, you get an up close and experience watching the skilled personnel break down cacao (raw) seeds into fine cocoa nibs. What’s more, you will be invited to try out every ingredient at each production stage.

While here, you can finally find out how the sweet chocolate bars are poured while also discovering other flavorsome treats infused with chocolate pieces and ingredients. Over the course of the tour, you can also benefit from the insight shared by your guide on the benefits of chocolate eating (although he/she will elude from the fact that over-indulgence can sometimes be detrimental to your teeth) and also learn how the factory uses eco-friendly and organic practices to maintain their products as both delicious and responsible. At this stage, you will by now undoubtedly battling to contain the excitement of your kids, if you are accompanied by family, as they soon discover that chocolate is actually
grown on trees!

The tours come in distinct packages all with varied prices. If you are here with your family, you can go for the exclusive family package. It is tailored to ensure your family has an exciting time in your adventurous expedition with its remarkable inclusions that include chocolate making, chocolate tasting, and some light refreshments not to mention lunch at one of the cafés.

The tour will also open you up to the factory’s wide array of rising restaurant and hotel portfolios which they supply local Bali chocolate drops and blocks for bakeries, pastries and other chocolatiers across the island and beyond. The Pod Chocolate package also affords a wonderful arrangement for special occasions. You can enjoy their remarkable Valentine package and delight in the wide array of assortments that include diverse in-season chocolate hearts, brim-filled with strawberry-rose and mango-passion ganache. And to your benefit, their chocolate bars are good to carry along as gifts for friends and family back home!

Finally, you can bring your adventure to and end with a comprehensive hands-on lesson on how to make your own chocolate. Learn how to create a delectable chocolate elephant, a perfect souvenir for family and friends back home if not an indulgence for yourself while you make your way back to your resort.

Your experience of Balinese chocolate should not end once you are through with your tour. You can follow it up by trying out some of their amazing indulgences at various outlets across the area. Take time and check into the onset café along the factory’s Sunset Road branch and treat your palates to an eclectic choice of Pod Chocolate Pralines.

They are accompanied by a rich collection of fillings ranging from tropical fruits like apricot, passion fruit, guava, and lime together with a complement of unbelievably unconventional flavors like nutmeg, sea salt caramel, Szechwan pepper, cardamom, star anise, and arak! What’s more, you can also gather your friends and treat them to a remarkable dine-in treat courtesy of the factory. Be sure to try out their amazing fondues that come in dark and white milk chocolate presented in either a 150 gr or 200 gr packages-although you can also order for the special private gathering package that is about 300gr and can serve a total of six individuals. The package is also accompanied by a serving of either strawberries or marshmallows.

Delightfully, the drinks served in this area are unsurprisingly all chocolate-related. You and your family or friends can take pleasure in the sweet hot Frappuccino and chocolate at just a small fee, but worth every penny!

Love Chocolate? Make an adventurous decision to visit a chocolate factory and witness first-hand how these taste-bud delights come into life! Not only will it present you a chance to indulge in a sensory tasting experience of each ingredient, but you will also get in on the action and get the chance to even make your own chocolate! Need you hear more?

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Tour Price
Adult US$ 22/person
Child US$ 17/person
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Check-in at Pod chocolate & registration
Welcome drink and briefing
Start explanation of how cocoa grow until chocolate being process at factory and taste the chocolate
Start chocolate making
Finish chocolate making and waiting for chocolate frosting about 15 – 20 minutes.
Finish the activities and get the finish chocolate
Check-out from Pod or pay extra to get lunch at Elephant Restaurant.