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Discover the innate beauty of Bali, whilst challenging yourself with an adrenaline pumping activity at Bali Tree Top Adventure Park. This remarkable adventure park, located in Bedugul, and in close proximity to Lake Bratan, the Treetop Adventure Park is your one-stop spot for an incredible and memorable fun-filled experience. Situated within the Botanical Gardens in Bali, this park is a guaranteed hit for both adults and kids alike, with the opportunity tackle the high ropes courses, or enjoy the tranquility of the botanical gardens.

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When it comes to activities you can expect at the park, the options are just about unlimited. The adventure courses feature various activities ranging from spider nets, suspended bridges, down to exciting flying-fox lines and Tarzan jumps, each inspiring a distinct adrenaline rush. Ropes, nets, winches and more allow you to explore the forest, high off the ground.

Treetop Park includes several special courses, suited for all ages, each distinguished by its unique level of complexity. There are several different courses, organized according to skill level and of course age. The most prominent ones include The ‘Squirrel’ Green and Yellow Circuits which are particularly great for all kids of the age of four upward.

The obstacles in this level include the climbing wall, wooden ladders, log crossings, footbridges, flat nets, fishnets, monkey tracks, foxhole, mini flying fox, and elephant steps. There is also the Blue Circuit which is suited for children from the age of six years and up.

Its obstacles vary from parrot ladders, flying-fox lines, railway bridge, duck footpath, monkey track, flying trapeze, flying-fox lines, rolling swing, spider net, downhill net plank footbridge, high flying swings and rocking steps. The next circuits are generally suited for adults with the first being the Orange Circuit. It features similar obstacles as found in the Blue Circuit, with the sole exception being a slightly elongated flying fox line. This circuit is an excellent way for adults to spark up their adrenaline.

For those interested in overcoming a series of serious high-flying thrills and obstacles, the Red Circuit is an ideal option. It also features a majority of the aforementioned obstacles, as well as the exciting Tarzan Jump together with a satisfying long flying-fox line calibrated at 160m. Finally, there is an ‘adrenaline only’ labeled circuit known as the Adrenaline Black Circuit.

This one is precisely designed to serve adults looking for BIG thrills. Its list of obstacles includes many of those found in the Red Circuit but with the addition of the longest monkey track, flying traps, an upside-down ‘T’ course, arms challenge activity, as well as exhilarating jumps from heights of up to 20 meters.

Every tightrope bridge and zip-line course extends between different trees. Safety is however guaranteed with regular testing and top quality equipment. You can rest assured that you are engaging in world-class activities since the courses are structured by SkyZip Engineering, a company behind other similar Treetop Adventure Parks across the globe. The overall obstacle course comprises a whopping 72 distinct obstacles all tailored to help you satisfy your adrenaline surge while enjoying each experience.

But what makes the park a must visit? The Treetop Park is a popular spot for numerous tourists (both local and foreign). This is primarily because of its exceptional characteristics. Like many recreational facilities, a good location is vital. Lucky for Treetop, the park is positioned right at the heart of the Bali Botanical Gardens- a serene and spacious spot that highlights Bali’s botanical diversity.

What’s more, Treetop Park is a family-friendly recreational facility, with activities designed for people of all ages and physical abilities. This means everyone will be able to join in the fun with no one left of the sidelines.

At Treetops Adventure Park, the Patrol Guides will provide you with an initial safety briefing and other course instructions. They will also be positioned throughout the different courses so help will always be on hand if you need it. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure and while at this park, you will need to adhere to this same principal – especially since kids are involved – by ensuring that you follow the Patrol Guides Instructions at all times.

These general guidelines issued before you start the course are designed to help you get acquainted with the basics of the activities (including how the activities/ circuits are done, how to best use the equipment and so on), as well as specifics regarding the use of safety slings, harnesses and karabiners whist on the course.

To provide further reassurance of safety whilst at the part, all equipment, and even the construction of the Bali-based Park is in strict adherence to relevant European Standards (EN 15567-1).

Fully-packed with family-friendly activities and specifically tailored to accommodate virtually anyone (despite their level of experience or agility); Treetop Park is the place to be for anyone looking for a great family adventure and an enthralling outdoor experience. Not only is it a wonderful way to interact and bond with friends and family, it is also a splendid way to exercise, remain active and most importantly interact with nature. And as an added benefit, you can even hold a picnic in the serenity only the tropical Balinese nature can inspire.

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Tour Price
Early Bird – before 10:30am
Package/Age Adult Child
Individual US$ 25/person US$ 16/person
Family US$ 65
After 10:30am
Package/Age Adult Child
Individual US$ 28/person US$ 17/person
Groups US$ 27/person US$ 17/person
Family US$ 73
Full-Day Adventure Package
Package/Age Adult Child
Individual US$ 68/person US$ 50/person
Groups US$ 54/person US$ 47/person
Family US$ 184
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Additional information

TimeEarly Bird – before 10:30am, After 10:30am, Full-Day Adventure Package
PackageIndividual, Family, Groups
Ticket TypeAdult, Child
NoteChild (up to 12 years old), Family Package (2 Adults + up to 2 Children), Groups (+10 pax)
Need Help? We Live In Bali! Click Here For Help.

Need Help? We Live In Bali! Click Here For Help.

For the Full Day Adventure Package, pick up is between 8.00 and 8.30am and return time is up to you.

The park is open daily from 9.30am to 6.00pm, with last registration for the courses at 4.00pm