One of the most popular water sports in the world, a jet ski allows you to ride the waves at your own pace.

A jet ski is like a motor bike on the water!  It’s light weight and glides over the water, accelerated by the hand-powered on the ride side. The driver is in control, simply by twisting the throttle and the power to the motor.  Steering is easy, with the front handles and slight leaning of the body into the turns.  The enclosed gas-powered motor pushes the water away, propelling the jet ski and rider forward over the waves.   Hold on tight to the handles, and pull the throttle to go!  And if the speed is too much, as it can be for inexperienced riders simply release the throttle and the craft will come to a stop.  Life jackets are provided and required for safety.

Go full throttle to take it easy on a leisurely drive. After a quick instruction course, you’ll be ready to go!

Duration: 15 mins.

Tour Price
US$ 24/person
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