Wake boarding is a thrilling adrenaline rush, combining strength, agility, balance and the skills of water skiing and surfing.  Wake boarders are pulled behind a boat and use edging moves to cut back and forth across the water’s surface. The speed is typically between 18-24 miles per hour, but factors such as water conditions, board size, the riders’ weight and skill level are taken into consideration.  Maneuver over the waves and using edging techniques, move to the outside of the wake or cut rapidly inward. Hit the rails, or if you are brave enough, tighten the rope to ‘catch air’ at just the right moment. Spins and tricks require practice and caution, but anyone can give this water sport a try for a fun day out on the water.

Duration: 15 mins.


Duration: 15 mins.

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US$ 24/person
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