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Discover the magic of East Bali and explore the hidden gems in this quieter part of the island. Experience traditional dances, visit silver smith’s at work, a coffee plantation, the serenely beautiful Tirta Gangga and Ujung Water Palaces, as well as visiting the magnificent Goa Lawah or Bat Temple.

Barong and Keris Dance Show

Barong & Keris Dance

Start your day by watching oneo of Bali’s most famous traditional dances – the ancient Barong and Keris dance. The dance focuses on the Barong – a compassionate spirit in beast form tasks with protecting the kingdom the kingdom against the vengeful wrath of the widow Rangda the witch Queen. This is the perfect start to your day of Balinese cultural exploration.

Celuk Silver Villages

Celuk Silver Smith

Bali is famous for it’s gold and siver smiths and Celuk villages remains to this day the centre of silver making on the island. Watch the local craftsmen make both stunningly intricate traditional and modern designs. There’s sure to be something that will catch your eye to take home as a souvenir – not only will it look great, it will also have a great story behind it for your to tell admirers.

Coffee Plantation Visit

Bali Coffee Plantation

Indonesia and Bali are world class producers of fantastic tasting coffee. Stop off at a coffee plantation and learn about the history of coffee plantation farming, learn about native plants and flowers and meet the farmers as they harvest and hand roast the beans before you sample the fruits of their labours.

An Indonesian Buffet Lunch

Indonesian Buffet

You’re bound to build up an appetite whilst exploring Bali, so what better way to satisfy for your hunger than by sampling the local cuisines with a sumptuous buffet lunch. Spicy rendang curries, stay chicken skewers, rice and vegetable varieties, it’s all there for you to enjoy. Enjoy Indonesian cuisine in its truest form at our hand picked authentic warungs.

Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Tirta Gangga

A delightful place of serene calm, built by the Raja of Karangasem, the Tirta Gangga Water Palace is split into three separate complexes with their own ponds and swimming pools. The location high on a hill provides stunning views of the surround area beyond the well manicured gardens. Off all the ponds in this palace, perhaps the most famous, and certainly the most photographed can be found just as you enter: a series of stepping stones weave their way across the pond, as the large colorful koi fish swim between your feet.

Ujung Water Palace

Taman Ujung Water Palace

Ujung water palace is perhaps a little less visited that Tirta Gangga, and perhaps as a result even more stunning. The complex sits around a large central lake, where bridges covered with ornately carved arches lead to the main complex. The rest of the grounds are full of mature and well cared for gardens, and a number of of other buildings; the steps to the top of the complex are steep but worth the view. Once there take time to relax and take in the view and the atmosphere.

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Adult US$ 60/person
Child US$ 48/person
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Need Help? We Live In Bali! Click Here For Help.
Need Help? We Live In Bali! Click Here For Help.

Duration: 10 hours (from 9am to 7 pm)

Itinerary :

– 09:00 : Pick up from the Hotel
– 10:00 : Visit Celuk Silver Smith Village
– 11:00 : Visit Bali Coffee Plantation
– 14:00 : Balinese Buffet Lunch
– 15:30 : Visit Tirta Gangga Water Palace
– 17:00 : Visit Ujung Water Palace
– 19:00 : Arrive at the Hotel