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Nusa Penida is a scuba drivers paradise, offering a range of dive sites for a experienced scuba divers. Many people come for the Mola Mola which can be seen between the months of July to October and Manta Rays which can be seen year round. A 45 minute boat ride from Sanur harbour is all it takes to get to this island paradise. Diving at Nusa Penida can be challenging due to the strong currents.

The range of dive sites on Penida include Manta Point, the boat trip here taking you past the rugged and dramatic coast line of the island. Because Manta Rays are found in Bali year round, there’s a good chance you’ll see them whenever you’re under the water. Mantas in Bali have a wingspan of up to three meters and unique black, white or grey patterns on their underside which makes identification easy. Watch in wonder as the magnificent manta rays glide over the cleaning stations at Manta Point. Keep your distance and these curious creatures will continue to circle, amazing you with their grace and beauty in the water. Watch out also for blue spotted rays lying on the sandy bottom. You may also see bambo sharks or a Mola Mola.

Crystal Bay offers superb corals in clear waters ensuring that this dive site remains a favourite year round, and particularly during Mola Mola Season. Descend to the sandy bottom and over pristine corals to the corner where larger fish are found.

Toypakeh is a a favourite site for many divers because of the  abundance of corals and marine life. Sheltered from the strong currents which run through the channel between Nusa Cennigan and Nusa Penida, this site has a gentle drift to the north. As ever with diving in Penida though, currents can change and be strong so stay close to our well qualified and experienced guides. The main feature of this site are the coral pillars.

At Gamat Bay there’s an impressive reef wall which drops away at the edge of the bay is home to a variety of marine life that including turtles, sharks, rays and Mola Mola

Blue Corner is an exhilarating drift dive that takes you over many terraces rich in marine life – eagle rays, marble rays and Mola Mola in season. Because of string currents, it may not always be possible to  dive this site, you’ll be advised on the day.

Other dive sites include Sental and SD. Our experienced guides will choose the best sites on the day, depending upon conditions in the water and your personal preferences and experience.

Tour Price
2 Dive US$ 170
3 Dives US$ 200
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Need Help? We Live In Bali! Click Here For Help.

Need Help? We Live In Bali! Click Here For Help.

Diving and snorkelling in Nusa Penida

What can you see

Nice coral reefs, Manta Rays, Mola (in season – approximately July-October)

Certification level (for divers only)

Experienced divers 30+ dives, Advanced Open Water, deep and drift experience preferably
Please note:

– Manta Point can experience swell – small children and those sensitive to motion sickness may experience seasickness at this site.

– It is not always possible to visit Manta Point due to swell or large waves.

Pick-up from accommodation

06.30 – 06.45am for Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta and Seminyak area. 07.00 – 07.15am for Sanur area

Arrive at the Dive centre

Paperwork, Check equipment

Drive to the beach

10 minutes by car

Travel to Nusa Penida

Approximately 45 minutes by boat
Briefing once the boat arrives at the first dive site

1st dive / 1st snorkel tour

Around 45 minutes dive time Boat entry

Surface interval

Relax and travel to the second site

2nd dive / 2nd snorkel tour

Around 45 minutes dive time Boat entry

Lunch break

Eat lunch, relax and move to the third site

3rd dive / 3rd snorkel tour

Around 45 minutes dive time Boat entry

Drive back to Sanur

Around 45 minutes travel time by boat
10 minutes from the beach to the dive centre by car

Arrive at the Dive centre

Possibility to take a shower and get changed Fill in logbook
Get everything settled
When guests are ready drop-off to the hotel