The main reason people choose to snorkel at Tulamben is because of the WWII USAT Liberty Shipwreck. This is a truly unique setting  where just a few meters from the beach you can look down and see the significant remains of a ship that has been lying under the water for more than half a century. You’re sure to be impressed by not only the wreck, by also the range of coral and marine life that now call the Liberty home. Watching the fish swim in huge circles around the wreck really is a sight to see!

Also on the wreck are a great barrel sponges and a number of different types of coral which have attached themselves over the years. After snorkeling, take a break with lunch in a local restaurant enjoying the views of Mount Agung and Tulamben Bay. Continue your aqautic adventures in the Coral Garden. These shallow waters are home to an incredible array of fish including Nemo – the Anemone Fish. Other fish you may see include Parrot Fish, Blue Spotted Rays, Ribbon Eels, Angel Fish and sometimes even a White Tip Reef Shark!

Additional information


  • Morning pickup around 6.30am – 7.00 am.
  • The bus ride is approximately 2 hours each way but the Wreck is well worth it; you’ll also get to see some of the local villages and the breathtaking rice terraces along the way.
  • Returning to our Sanur dive school at 4:00pm
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