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Experience the magic of the Gili Islands with Gili Getaway’s fast boat to Gili. Departing from Serangan in south Bali, Gili Getaway offer tow daily direct transfers without stopping on Padang Bai, Nusa Lembongan or Sengiggi. The first departure leaves at 9am and the crossing takes between 2 hours and 2 hours 15 minutes depending upon sea conditions. Calling first at Gili Trawangan, the boat will then stop at Gili Air and Bangsal on Lombok.

The first return trip of the day departs from Gili Trawangan at approximately 11.30 am, returning to Bali via Gili Air and and Bangsal, Lombok.

A second departure of the day leaves Bali at 10.30am. This boat may go to via Gili Gede. This only adds about 20 minutes to the trip, but gives you the chance to see this stunning island of Gili Gede and the new Kokomo resort, located off the south west coast of Lombok.

The second return trip of the day leaves Gili Trawangan at 1.30pm, heading back to Bali via Gili Air, Lombok and possibly Gili Gede.

Safety, speed and comfort are priorities. Boats are built to international safety standards  and powered by four 250HP engines with full safety equipment and are manned by professional and experienced crew. Gili Getaway Transfers are 45 minutes quicker than other operators, without the need for the drive to Padang Bali so a later pick up time from your hotel is possible, enhancing your holiday enjoyment.

You will be supplied with chilled towels and refreshments on board, and there’s sun cream available for those who wish to travel on the open deck. There are restaurant facilities at check in and pick ups from your hotel accommodation is in air conditioned cars.

Safety is paramount and this means that occasional fast boat services on the Lombok Strait may have to be suspended until the weather improves again. In this rare circumstances the team at Gili Getaway will work with you to arrange alternative means of transport.

Gili Getaway now also have an outer island boat called ‘The Bullet’ which, as it’s name suggests is built for speed. This boat has a daily schedule  connecting Gili Gede, Sengiggi, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air with a compulsory stop at Lombok for clearance purposes before returning to Sengiggi and Gili Gede.

Tour Price
TripsOne WayReturn
Serangan – Lembongan
AdultUS$ 24/personUS$ 33/person
ChildUS$ 24/personUS$ 33/person
Serangan – Penida
AdultUS$ 31/personUS$ 45/person
ChildUS$ 31/personUS$ 45/person
Serangan – Gili Gede
AdultUS$ 51/personUS$ 93/person
ChildUS$ 51/personUS$ 93/person
Lembongan – Penida
AdultUS$ 11/personUS$ 21/person
ChildUS$ 11/personUS$ 21/person
Lembongan – Gili Gede
AdultUS$ 47/personUS$ 85/person
ChildUS$ 47/personUS$ 85/person
Lembongan – Serangan
AdultUS$ 25/personUS$ 33/person
ChildUS$ 25/personUS$ 33/person
Penida – Gili Gede
AdultUS$ 47/personUS$ 85/person
ChildUS$ 47/personUS$ 85/person
Penida – Lembongan
AdultUS$ 11/personUS$ 21/person
ChildUS$ 11/personUS$ 21/person
Penida – Serangan
AdultUS$ 30/personUS$ 44/person
ChildUS$ 30/personUS$ 44/person
Gili Gede – Penida
AdultUS$ 47/personUS$ 85/person
ChildUS$ 47/personUS$ 85/person
Gili Gede – Lembongan
AdultUS$ 47/personUS$ 85/person
ChildUS$ 47/personUS$ 85/person
Gili Gede – Serangan
AdultUS$ 51/personUS$ 93/person
ChildUS$ 51/personUS$ 93/person
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RouteSerangan – Lembongan, Serangan – Penida, Serangan – Gili Gede, Lembongan – Penida, Lembongan – Gili Gede, Lembongan – Serangan, Penida – Gili Gede, Penida – Lembongan, Penida – Serangan, Gili Gede – Penida, Gili Gede – Lembongan, Gili Gede – Serangan
TripsOne Way, Return
Ticket TypeAdult, Child
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RouteCheck in TimeDeparture TimeArrival TimeJOURNEY TIME
SeranganGili Trawangan8:309:0011:302:30
SeranganGili Air8:309:0012:003:00
LembonganGili Trawangan9:009:4011:301:50
LembonganGili Air9:009:4012:002:20
PenidaGili Trawangan9:3010:0011:301:30
PenidaGili Air9:3010:0012:002:00
Gili TrawanganPenida11:1511:4513:452:00
Gili TrawanganLembongan11:1511:4514:052:20
Gili TrawanganSerangan11:1511:4514:453:00
Gili AirPenida11:3012:0013:451:45
Gili AirLembongan11:3012:0014:052:05
Gili AirSerangan11:3012:0014:452:45
SeranganGili Gede10:0010:3012:302:00
LembonganGili Gede10:4011:1012:301:20
PenidaGili Gede11:0011:3012:301:00
Gili GedePenida12:1512:4513:451:00
Gili GedeLembongan12:1512:4514:051:20
Gili GedeSerangan12:1512:4514:452:00
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Safety is of paramount importance, along side your comfort and convenience. Gili Getaway boats have been custom designed and constructed from scratch by our trusted Balinese Boat builder. They are built from Marine grade fiber glass and designed to comply with International Standards

Gili Getaway standards exceed Indonesian compliance with 50+ Life Jackets for Adults to Infants

Solas Life rafts that are equipped with safety provisions for ALL customers and boat staff  (125% of each boats capacity)

Life buoys and Floating Rings

EPIRB ; Electronic Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon. When deployed, automatically sends a signal via satellite and records positioning for rescue authorities.

GPS and Long Range VHF radio

Distress Signals – Parachute Flares, Red Hand Flares and Buoyant Smoke Flares

Fire Extinguishers – Powder and Foam

Fully insured for both our customers and staff.

First aid medical Kit