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The Devdan Show Bali will take you on a voyage of discovery . With over 18000 distinct islands and a population of 240 million, Indonesia in an exceptional tapestry of diverse cultures sprinkled across a wide array of islands. A trip to one of its numerous islands, Bali, is but a scratch on the surface of this nation and its unique traditions. Aside from its reputation for its mesmerizing beauty and spectacular landscapes, Bali is also a center for cultural heritage. And what better way to experience its unique culture than attending a cultural show? Delve deep into the Balinese and Indonesian culture courtesy of the Devdan show, an award-winning production, and enjoy an exclusive journey across the massive Indonesian archipelago.

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Combining numerous aspects of modern theatre, special effects, world-class acrobatics, and a talented crop of performers, this show literally breathes life into the term culture. It gives you an insight into how Indonesians celebrate ‘Unity in Diversity’ with a contemporary take on different cultures of various Islands across Indonesia mainly Bali, Borneo, Sumatra, and Papua among many other affiliated islands. You and your family can enjoy dramatic Kecak fire dances, warrior chants, shadow puppets, tribal ceremonies, water dances and much more! So what exactly is it, what does it entail, and is it a must see?

Devdan is, simply put, performance theatre at its finest! Comprising a buffet of dance and song as well as magical illusions, acrobatics, and fantastic special effects, the show kicks off with a flighty tour guide showing some tourists around Bali, Indonesia. Structured to showcase the rich and amazingly diverse Indonesian culture, this show is beautifully choreographed, fast moving and artfully executed.

It is a buffet of everything that contributes to the success of a theatre performance: surprises, humor, excitement, you name it. There is absolutely no chance of a dull moment whatsoever! Simply put, it is the ideal way to mesmerize your entire family and keep the fun going while at Bali.

DEVDAN is a word that originates from ‘Deva’ and ‘Dhana’ Sanskrit, which represent ‘God’s Grace’. The assortments of Indonesia’s lures are simply gifts endowed to the Indonesian natives by God. The show exclusively portrays the treasure of the Indonesia archipelago, taking the audience on a remarkable journey from the Island of Bali, down to Papua not missing Java, Sumatra and even Kalimantan. These unique islands call for different performances each of them unique.

Some of them include the Sumatran Act, where the transcendental relationship between the Creator and human beings, comprising the amazing Saman dance is followed by solo silk aerial acrobatics. Moreover, there is also a Java Act comprising of a phenomenal war scene, a Borneo Act featuring an exclusive love story and finally a Papua Act that outlines high-spirited natives celebrating a hunting festival among others. The acts narrate a story of the exceptional Indonesian cultural diversity through various activities including dances and acrobatic shows in a session that lasts approximately 90 minutes.

The Devdan Show takes place in a modern audio-visual structure that brings together the magnificence of both customary and contemporary cultural dances, especially amplified by premium quality sound, special effects, and spectacular lighting. The show is a narrative explaining the endeavors of two tourists who lose their way while in the woods. In their quest to find a way out of it, they come across a mystic treasure chest comprising relics from across various locations around the Indonesian archipelago. Each item they unearth directs them to respective destinations mainly Bali, Papua, Java, Borneo, and Sumatra.

In the course of the journey, they experience amazing sceneries and occurrences including amazing volcanic eruptions, subsequent lava flow events, among other superb and unforgettable experiences. By uncovering this story in the various acts and performances, the show not only brings a spark, excitement, and entertainment, it also highlights an important message of cultural diversity and exquisiteness. It opens you to the world of Indonesian nation ideologies all rooted in the disparity in religion, ethnicity, and skin color, but encompassed in a united from that is Indonesia as a nation.

But while it seems like a typical cultural show, it is nonetheless a must see act for anyone looking to quench their cultural curiosity. Why? First, it is a performance that will stimulate your senses. Yes! With a blend of contemporary and traditional dance repertories, topnotch acrobatic stunts, modern music, evocative dramas, scintillating outfits, not to mention modern special effects, the performances are simply mind-blowing.

What’s more, this show is an entertaining way to learn about Indonesian history and better yet, without needing to peruse through massive historic books. The show presents a lively visual tour through the varied Indonesian culture and history aided by a fantastic multi-sensory performance.

The experience is also amazingly realistic meaning that the special effects of this show are actually real. It is the kind of experience that allows you to see actual rain dripping down and wetting the performance stage. And if this is not convincing enough, imagine getting treated to an entertaining experience courtesy of the best local performers.

Although it is performed in Bali, the act features Indonesian performers originating from the various islands across the massive archipelago. With such inclusions – a wide array of talent blended and packaged in a single show – you may well wish the show lasts all day and night long. What’s more, you also get the opportunity to interact and even take photos with these performers (in their full costumes) after the performances.

As an eye candy, a show needs to not only be long enough to convey the message but also brief enough to keep the audience entertained-through its full length. Devdan perfects this art. The show only lasts 90 minutes enough to argue its cultural significance while keeping you fully engrossed.

Additionally, it is well known that a good show is one that entertains and accommodates an audience of all ages, and Devdan does precisely that. You can bring your family and friends along this amazing cultural experience without the worry of having to exclude any of them. And better yet, it is as educative as it is entertaining, especially for your kids.

Finally, this show airs at the famous Nusa Dua Bali Theatre, which is right at the hub of Bali’s tourist and recreational center. Talk of convenience! Need we say more?

Featuring evocative dramas, spirited dances, original tunes and dazzling costumes the Bali Devdan Show is the best way to witness, interact and enjoy Indonesian culture. It is a must see cultural event while in Bali that’s sure to enhance your holiday!

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Tour Price
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Adult US$ 95/person
Child US$ 45/person
Category B
Adult US$ 68/person
Child US$ 36/person
Category C
Adult US$ 45/person
Child US$ 22/person
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Ticket/SectionCategory A, Category B, Category C
Ticket TypeAdult, Child
NoteChild = 4 – 12, Adult = 12+
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5 out of 5 – A must watch show in Bali

If you want to dive deep into the Indonesian culture, Devdan Show is something you simply shouldn’t miss in Bali. The dazzling performance and the vibrant costumes of the dancers will leave you spell bound. The show offers a Kaleidoscopic view of the diverse Indonesian culture with the help of various performances like Kecak fire dance, water dance, shadow puppets, tribal ceremonies and aerial acrobats. – roamingpirates from New Delhi, India

5 out of 5 – Spectacular show

This is an amazing show for everyone to enjoy. The dancing ,lighting and aerial acrobatics was brilliant. If your looking for a night out with some excitement this is the place – Ktaschke

5 out of 5 – Bali Holiday

Do not miss ! A wonderfully choreographed show mixing the traditional and the contemporary. The show is held in the Theatre Complex of BTDC in Nusa Dua area. Given traffic conditions , unless you are staying in the Nusa Dua BTDC area, transport duration is a challenge. – kpmurali from Chennai (Madras), India

5 out of 5 – Proud to be Indonesian

The location of this building is so peaceful. They had humble staffs too. The show reminds me how rich Indonesia actually.
Unfortunately when i feel so touching by some dance, i feel boring too with another dance. I wish I could give suggestion for the show, make it more and more entertain for the people.
but overall the show is SUPERB!!!
Keep it up !
Specially Kecak, Papua part and mix dance between Java and Modern dance that i really love those performance so much!!! – dfredya from Jakarta, Indonesia

5 out of 5 – Excellent Family Entertainment

It is a wonderful dance and performance show which is great for all the family. I took my family (wife and 2 young daughters (8 and 7)) to see the show. We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Towards the end of the show they invited the kids to come and dance and my daughter joined in and was really excited in doing so. We sat two rows from the front which wasn’t bad, but slightly further back (row 4 backwards) would have probably been better. If you are in the Nusa Dua area at then this is a must. We also managed to meet some of the actors after the performance who were really friendly, although they did seem tired. – Pritesh M from Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

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DEVDAN performs 4 days a week at Bali Nusa Dua Theatre. Reservations can be made three (3) months in advance.
Show Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 19:30

Pick up time will be confirmed after booking, depending on location.