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Kite Surfing Bali

You know those locations that appeal deep down to your soul? The type which for one reason or the other simply find their way to your to-do list and spark an enduring intrigue that keeps you up late at night working to get travel tickets? For many, this is exactly what Bali represents. Well known as one the planet’s best surfing destinations, it’s rapidly becoming a hotspot for kitesurfing too, thanks to the warm waters and reliable winds. Kite surfing combines the skills of surfing with kiting to you’ll soon be flying over and above the waves. 

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Bali features a number of remarkable kitesurfing spots not to mention prominent surf schools for willing individuals and curious travelers looking to get involved in the exciting sport. If you are in Bali and wondering what this water sport is all about, read along for a detailed outline of all the essential aspects of kitesurfing in Bali, Indonesia.

Even before you can decide to immerse your energy into kitesurfing in Bali, it is important you know the conditions under which it is favorable (you wouldn’t want to cancel on all your plans for the day then find yourself all alone in the beach with your gear would you?). Kitesurfing requires for the weather to be fairly windy at least. In Bali, there are several windy months but the best period to enjoy your time kitesurfing is either between June to around September, with the very best months being July and August (when there is an influx of tourists on the Islands). Around these periods, the wind patterns are regular with approximately 20 knots around Bali’s west coast (Canggu) and about 15 knots around Bali’s east coast (especially in Sanur). It’s dry season so you can expect great weather, with calmer morning and the wind picking up somewhat in the afternoon.

Such winds call for the use of large kites and according to the conditions and jig, the recommended ones are either between a 9 and 12 and or 10 and 14. Nonetheless, Indonesia, and particularly Bali, is popular for its waves. This means that when you’ve mastered the basics, you can be using the waves to their full advantage pulling airs and tricks to your hearts content. Other locations offer flat water – perfect for beginners.

The important thing is to choose a location right for both the conditions and your abilities, and Bali kitesurfing schools will be able to help you with this, using their years of experience and local knowledge.  In most cases, the best Bali kitesurfing spots include many of the usual surfing beaches. This covers waves from the southeast of Sanur (Mertasari Beach) down towards Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa. On the west of Bali, the best areas are Canggu and Seminyak beaches. In Sanur (Mertasari Beach), you can enjoy constant onshore wind flows and calm flat waters, close to the shoreline. This spot is especially suited for beginners. As for Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa, these are the primary playgrounds for virtually all marine water sports in Bali. They boast similar winds and wave patterns as found in the Mertasari.

Unfortunately, being the primary spots, they can at times get crowded because of the diverse recreational activities performed here. As for west Bali, Seminyak is among the best locations to practice kitesurfing especially for beginners, intermediate and even advanced riders. Why? It features good waves subsequently broken against the hard (summer) winds. Another regular spot is Canggu but unlike Seminyak, the waves are somewhat bigger and as such it’s suited for advanced riders together with anyone that fancies thrilling aerials. Additionally, the waters here are normally cleaner not to mention the dry season side-offshore winds that occur between May and September.

Now that you know where to kitesurf, the question is, how do I get the most of my kitesurfing experience in Bali? We’d recommend booking in with the professionals at a Kitesurfing school and luckily for you, Bali is home to numerous kitesurfing professionals, tutors, and schools. Additionally, you can also find the appropriate gear here at Bali as offered in various surf schools (incorporated in your surfing courses). Beginner or advanced, professional instructors and coaches will take your riding to the next level.

The lessons are normally designed to exclusively cater for your individual requirements, and in most cases are inclusive of introduction practical sessions-the latter done onshore using trainer kites built to assist you to achieve the necessary maneuvering tactics and hang of catching the shore winds. Other courses go straight to the practice sessions allowing you start out by diving right into the waters but under the supervision and guidance of personnel on jet-skis and or rescue boats on standby in case you need any assistance.

Beginner programs usually take between one and two hours and include guidelines in the introduction and gear safety, proper setup, piloting, launch techniques, landing and not to forget the all important self-rescue. The latter is an especially essential concept each rider ought to properly master. The remainder is more and more practice while sharpening skills and muscle memory.

In your beginner course, you initially start by getting strapped into a standard seat harnesses where you begin with a basic two-line trainer then proceed to an exclusive four-line kite. This is to help you ensure that your beach launch is smooth. Other courses include higher level courses, intermediate programs (better board riding), and one-on-one courses (for advances skills).

Bali is undoubtedly the most prominent tourist attraction of all and for a good reason. Other than its numerous gorgeous sceneries, remarkable beach-side experience, and cuisine diversity, Bali is also a great location for kitesurfing. Kitesurfing has gradually warmed its way up as one of the coolest of water sports. It combines the exhilarating experience of speed surfing, with the pleasure that comes with carving water waves and the overwhelming jumps that leave you soaring up in thin air to offer a thrill only it can match. And considering the fun that comes with it, where else to learn and do it, if not
the land of magnificent beauty, Bali!

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We’ve partnered with Rip Curl Surf School to bring you the very best Kite surfing experiences on the island. Depending upon your experience, there are different levels of class:


The first step to being a successful kite surfer is to learn how to control and fly your kite. Our entry level course will teach you how to set up your equipment as well as safety procedures and wind knowledge. The course will start with you strapped into a harness using a two line kite, before progressing to a four line kite. The course finishes with you doing a beach launch – once you’ve mastered this, you’re ready to hit the water!


Now you’ve got your kite under control, it’s time to hit the water. On this course, the focus is about being comfortable in the water with your kite. We’ll take you through some body dragging skills, and you’ll experience moving in the water without a board and turning left and right. You’ll also learn some board recovery drills.  After this, you’ll strap your feet to the board and get riding! You’ll now be ready to learn about water starts, board positioning and riding with one hand on the harness.


Having mastered the arts of kite and board control, you’re now ready to start freeriding. This course teaches you the techniques you need to freeride on openwater, including adjusting your speed, control the boards edge, riding both up and down wind and turning correctly. Coaches will work with you to develop your skills and techniques as required. This course is also suitable for experienced kite surfers, who want to take their riding to the next level.


Mix it up and learn all the necessary sboard riding skills using the wakeboard boat, kite board, kite-harness and kite bar and line system. Learn about up wind board recovery, water starts, body positioning, edging your board and turning.

Note: If you have group of 10 pax or more, chat to us to get your group rates.

Tour Price
 Package Description Duration Price
Surf Lesson
Individual Beach & Reef Break Course –
Beginner (one course)
Any course from 1 – 10 2hrs US$ 54
Individual Power Surf Course
(one course)
Any course from 11 – 15 2hrs US$ 62
Level 1 Course 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 5 x 2hrs US$  251
Level 2 Course 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 5 x 2hrs US$  251
Level 3 Course 11,12,13,14, & 15 5 x 2hrs US$ 270
Reef Trip Level 3 (surf guiding) 2hrs US$ 85
Private Surf
Private – Adult Individual (one course) Any course from 1 – 5 1hr US$ 85
Private Couple For 2 people 1hr US$ 151
3 course private individual package Courses 1, 2 & 3 3 x 1hr US$ 232
5 course private individual package Courses 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 5 x 1hr US$ 361
Family Package For 2 Adults + 2 kids 1hr US$ 228
Kids Surf – Under 13 years old
Little Ripper – Kids Program
(one course)
Any course from 1 – 5 1hr US$ 50
3 course kids package Courses 1, 2 & 3 3 x 1hr US$ 127
5 course kids package Courses 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 5 x 1hr US$ 201
 Rip Curl GO
Rip Curl GO (one course)
* bring lesson to your hotel or nearest beach area to your hotel.
Any course from 1 – 10 1hr us$ 62
 VIP Surf
VIP – Adult Individual (one course)
* adult includes private transport return, face towel, softdrinks, coaching and tailored course structure.
Any course depends on skill 1hr US$ 170
 SUP – Lesson
Stand Up Paddle per level L.1, flat water, L.2, small
waves, L.3, advance skills
and larger waves
2hrs US$ 54
Stand Up Paddle Packages L.1, plus L.2 & L3 3 x 2hrs US$ 150
Private SUP
SUP private (one course) Any level from L.1 – 3 1hr US$ 85
Kite & Wake Kite Lesson
Introductory Level L.1 dry land 2hrs US$ 116
Regular L2, L3, Advanced (one course) L.2 – L.3, advanced 1hrs US$ 116
Wakekite Boardskills 1hrs US$ 116
Private Kite & Wake Kite
Kite (one course) L.1- dry land, L2, L3,Advanced 1.5hrs US$ 231
Wake Kite 1 hr US$ 231
Kite surfing package 3 regular + 1 wake kite  US$ 393
 Wakeboarding Lesson
Wakeboarding per level L.1 – 3, in the water riding 2 hr US$ 116
Wakeboarding packages L1, plus 2 & 3 3 x 2hr US$ 312
Private Wakeboarding
Wakeboarding private (one course) L.1 – 3 in the water riding 1hr US$ 231
Foiling Lesson
Introduction Foil Surf/SUP/Kite/windsurf 2 hr US$ 116
Foil clinic Surf/SUP/Kite/windsurf 3×2 hr US$ 312
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PackageIndividual Beach & Reef Break Course – Beginner, Individual Power Surf Course, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Reef Trip, Private – Adult Individual, Private Couple, 3 course private individual package, 5 course private individual package, Family Package, Little Ripper – Kids Program, 3 course kids package, 5 course kids package, Rip Curl GO, VIP – Adult Individual, Stand Up Paddle per level, Stand Up Paddle Packages, SUP private, Introductory Level, Regular L2, L3, Advanced, Wakekite Boardskills, Kite, Wake Kite, Kite surfing package, Wakeboarding per level, Wakeboarding packages, Wakeboarding private, Introduction Foil Surf/SUP/Kite/windsurf, Foil clinic Surf/SUP/Kite/windsurf
Need Help? We Live In Bali! Click Here For Help.

Need Help? We Live In Bali! Click Here For Help.

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