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Spend a day exploring Ubud, Bali’s artistic and cultural capital as well as visiting the Tegenungan Waterfalls for an unforgettable day out in Bali!

Barong and Keris Dance Show

Barong and Keris Dance Tour
Barong and Keris Dance

This tour starts with the ancient Balinese Barong and Keris dance show, one of Bali’s most famous dances. The dance is about the The Barong, who is a compassionate spirit in beast form and must protect a kingdom against the vengeful wrath of the widow and witch queen, Rangda.

This is an ancient demonstration of the Balinese custom you simply must see. Two male dancers work out the movements of the heavily ornate Barong costume, much in resemblance of the Chinese lion dance, while supporting dancers portray monkeys, priests and village men.

Celuk Silver Villages

Celuk Silver Village Tour
Celuk Silver Village

The Celuk silver villages are Bali’s major center for goldsmiths and silversmiths. The local craftsmen create beautiful jewelry of the finest quality and unique and elaborate designs. Almost all households in this village are part of the industry that has been producing these fine items for centuries

The gold and silver items they produce include souvenirs and mass export items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, broaches and many other Balinese ceremonial accessories and adornments. Many items are on showcase and available for purchase to mark the memories of your Bali holiday.

Batuan Village Temple

Batuan Temple Tour
Batuan Temple

Batuan Village Temple requires a compulsory sash and cloth around your waist or ‘Kamben Bali’, allowing you to experience further the ancient customs of the Balinese Hindus’s whilst showing respect to their ancient ways.

The Batuan temple was built in the year of 944 Isaka or 1020 AD. Almost 1000 years old, this temple can be categorized as Puseh temple according to the concept of “Tri Kahyangan or Tri Murti”. This is the oldest temple in Bali and one not to be missed. The architecture of this old temple will have you in awe and give you a greater understanding of the Hindu culture.

Batuan Painter’s House

Batuan Painter Tour
Batuan Painter

The Batuan village is also famous for local Balinese painters and their artwork. Watch the artists as they toil over their paintings and make the most amazing creations,  each depicting a different style but the influence taken from both their surrounding nature, religion and customs. The style of each artists is both personal and handed down from generation to generation

Enjoy watching the artists or peruse through their works and perhaps find something you can take  home with you as a constant reflection of your journey through Bali.

Mas Villages Ubud for Wood Carving

Mas Village Wood Carving Tour
Mas Village Wood Carving

The Mas village in Ubud Bali is the center of Bali’s wood carving sculptors. The wood carvers are famous for their hand crafted work with local timber and their ability to produce complex creations that are derived from both nature and their traditional Hindu beliefs. Watch the workers toil away on their work as you appreciate the level of detail that produce with every piece. The village is a popular destination and all carvers have works available for sale at very reasonable prices. You may just find the perfect piece of art to take home and be a constant reminder of your Bali holiday.

Lunch –  A traditional Indonesian family-style buffet 

Traditional Balinese Lunch Buffet Tour
Traditional Balinese Lunch Buffet

No visit to Bali is complete without trying a taste the famous dishes and flavours of Indonesia. The archipelago boasts some of the world’s most distinct spices and sauces. Share a family-style meal of traditional satays, rices, rendang (coconut curry beef) vegetables, grilled tofus, and more. For the faint of heart, go easy on the sambal!


Goa Gajah Temple (Elephant Cave)

Goa Gajah Temple Tour
Goa Gajah Temple

The Goa Gajah Temple is a cave built from a crevasse edge and built into the rock cliff face and dates back to the 11th century. Built for the local Balinese Hindus requirement for meditation. The cave is shallow and inside are three stone idols each wrapped in red, yellow and black cloths.

Black soot lines the cave’s walls as result from the current-day incense burning. Several indentations show where meditating priests once sat. At the façade of the cave is a relief of various menacing creatures and demons carved into the rock at the cave entrance. The primary figure was once thought to be an elephant, hence the nickname Elephant Cave.

This is truly an experience into ancient Balinese culture and commitment to their Hindu religion that you help you better understand the local people.

Coffee Plantation

Coffee Plantation Tour
Coffee Plantation

The Coffee plantation area is set in the tranquility of local Balinese villages surrounded by the green lush tropical gardens, where tropical trees including cacao plantations thrives. From here the locals make the famous Lawak Balinese Coffee.

Luwak Coffee is produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by the local “Luwak”, which is described as a ‘ringed cat’. It is considered to be the most expensive coffee in the world due to the different nature in which it is produced.

Enjoy a coffee and watching the process and see the local Luwak

Tegenungan Waterfalls

Tegenungan Waterfall Tour
Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfalls is one for the nature lovers and those that will appreciate the natural beauty they will be surrounded in. Getting to the falls is a pleasant drive down paved village roads lined with stretches of green rice fields on both sides. The falls are only a few minutes easy walk down the track where you’ll enjoy the impressively green valley panorama views with cascading water as a center-piece when you arrive.   The Tegenungan Waterfalls are a hidden treasure with clean clear mountain water suitable for bathing and drinking

Tour Price
Adult US$ 60/person
Child US$ 48/person
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Ticket TypeAdult, Child
NoteChild = 4 – 12, Adult = 12+, Minimum 2 x people per booking
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Duration: 10 hours (from 9am to 7pm)


– 08:00 :  Pick up from the Hotel
– 09:00 :  Watch Barong and Kris Dance Show
– 10:30 :  Visit Celuk Silver Smith Village
– 11:30 :  Visit Batuan Temple
– 12:30 :  Visit Mas Village Wood Carver Village
– 13:30 :  Lunch in Ubud Area
– 14:00 :  Visit Goa Gajah Temple
– 15:30 :  Visit Bali Coffee Plantation
– 16:00 :  Visit Tegenungan Waterfalls
– 18:00 :  Arrive at the Hotel

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